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Why Things Always Work Out In The End

Things always have a way of working out because our problems are temporary. We assess life from a narrow perspective which blinds us to the truth. Knowing things work out in the end does not prevent untoward events occurring. However, we appreciate these are minor elements in a larger scheme working behind-the-scenes. For example, during … Read More

Best Grand Canyon Airplane Tours for the 4th of July Holiday Week

You should use this year’s first major summer holiday, July 4th to the best advantage possible. You will enjoy flying over Grand Canyon and exploring its beauty if you will be visiting Las Vegas. As tickets are selling like hot cakes, it’s better you make bookings within the next few days so that you don’t … Read More

RV Tip: Top Five RV Insurance Claims & How to Avoid Them

After doing some research on RV insurance claims I discovered what one insurance company listed as the top five RV insurance claims filed. Today we’re going to discuss what these claims are and how you can avoid them. Claim #1 This insurance company stated that it receives at least 400 claims each year involving fires … Read More

The Route to Democracy

Fifteen hours is a tremendous barrier. It is the obstacle preventing one village from attaining the assistance of another and surviving a drought. It is the reason a trip to the hospital, or receiving an education, aren’t realistic options. Fifteen hours is what stands in the way of commerce between two provinces. It prevents communication … Read More

9 Ways to Play More Consistent Golf

On the golf course we have all glimpsed what it’s like in the ‘zone’. For some, the zone is more elusive than for others. Think back to that round where all of your putts just seemed to drop or where you hit fairway after fairway with scary straight drives. We all have a little Tiger … Read More

The Lost Adams Diggings

Somewhere out there in a deep trough-like box canyon a small creek flows. There lies the Lost Adams Diggings, as rich as any of the lost treasures of the west, and perhaps the most legitimate in terms of factual evidence. It is a tale corroborated by more than one individual. The man named Adams was … Read More

Test Your Food Prejudices!

Do you have food prejudices? If you think about it, we all have foods we think or feel negatively about, and would not eat at all, or only unwillingly. What is often behind such a food prejudice? 1. Childhood Food Trauma Often, a negative reaction to a type of food may stem from unpleasant childhood … Read More

Top Ten Ways To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught – Provides the Road Map to Affair Busting

An article on titled, “Top Ten Ways To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught… ” is also a list of ten ways to discern if your significant other, spouse or lover is being unfaithful. Regardless of what leads someone to be unfaithful, you need to know if you are in a relationship with … Read More

Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire

Quite a mouthful isn’t it? Say it fast and you’ll trip over the words most likely. I saw this phrase on a church marquis as I was driving and it sparked my interest to the point that I thought about what it could mean. Here are my thoughts. To aspire simply means to have a … Read More

Cuba – A Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Cuba has so many beautiful birds, many of them unavailable to see in their natural habitat anywhere else in the world. The Cuban government has made concerted efforts over the years to preserve wildlife habitats, even before the current environmental movement made it politically popular. Because of those efforts, Cuba has preserved much of its … Read More

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