Top Ten Tourist Attractions in South Africa

Starting in Cape Town with what is arguably one of South Africa’s most well-known attractions, Table Mountain. This imposing landmark stands over the city creating what is known as the “city bowl” and from the top offers views of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, the CBD and the peninsula. The cable car costs R180 return for adults and R90 return for children aged between 4 and 17. There are several hiking routes to the top and one can then purchase a one way ticket down again, most of these routes take the best part of a day. The cable way trip takes 4 to 5 minutes and the cable car travels up and down the mountain every ten to fifteen minutes.

Staying in Cape Town, another natural wonder that is a must see is Cape Point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans are said to meet. This is also the unofficial Southern tip of Africa, unofficial because the geographic Southern tip of Africa is at Cape Agulhus, though few tourists realise this. The tip of the Cape Peninsula is a national reserve and there is a small entrance fee. The park is open from 6:00 am till 6:00 pm every day of the week and the funicular that will take you up the hill to the tip of the peninsula runs from 9:30 am till 5:00 pm. It is however possible to walk to the tip and if the weather is right it is a pleasant enough walk. The only real danger you’ll encounter here are the baboons. They are not vicious animals but they are opportunistic and cheeky and are known to take food right out of visitor’s hands.

Just outside of Cape Town are the world famous wine routes. Internationally award winning wines come from this region. The Spier wine estate is perhaps one of the better known.There are however dozens more and one can easily spend an entire day tasting wines on the different estates. Well worth a visit to are the brandy distillers, brandy has become something of a national drink in South Africa with 57 million litres of brandy produced every year brandy makes up 65% of all spirits produced in South Africa.

Visiting Robben Island in Table Bay is an experience that no tourist should leave Cape Town without having. The islands history as a place of incarceration for political prisoners during apartheid makes the tour an incredibly emotional experience. The island’s history, however, dates back to long before the days of Apartheid, having always been used as a place of isolation the stories you will hear are fact filled and interesting. Possibly the most special aspect of the tours is the fact that they are conducted by former political prisoners that served time on Robben Island. They provide first-hand accounts of what life in the prison was like.

North of Cape Town in the Northern Cape Province is an area known as the Namaqualand. Every year during spring in this region nature puts on a display the likes of which you’ll only see elsewhere on Guy Fawkes Day. At spring time this dusty, arid, semi desert plane is transformed as if by a painters brush into a riot of colour. Over 400 different species of flowers bloom here every year and attract thousands of visitors. This amazing display of nature is one of South Africa’s best kept secrets and seldom seems to draw a large crowd of overseas visitors, it is however very popular with the locals and so accommodation should be booked in advance. The route start about 5 hours outside of Cape Town once you get to the Namaqualand but evidence of the desert transformation can be seen as soon as one leaves the city limits and starts heading up the N7.

The Augrabie Falls in the Northern Cape Province are the spectacular drop off point of the Orange River. The falls are nearly 60m in height and during the floods of 2006 had a recorded flow of 6 800 cubic meters of water every second. The name derives from the Khoi San word Ankoerebi which means “place of big noise” when you visit this amazing place you’ll see, or rather hear how the falls got this name. The falls are managed by the South African parks board and there is a variety of accommodation available from camping sites to upmarket guesthouses.

The 16 mile long Blyde River canyon is a significant natural wonder in South Africa and is the third largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon and the Fish River Canyon. It is also the largest green canyon in the world, covered in trees and foliage, part of the reason for this is that the Blyde River still runs through the canyon. At an average depth of 800m it cuts a huge scar into the landscape and provides some the most amazing views available anywhere in South Africa.

The 47 000ha site in Gauteng known as the cradle of mankind holds what could possibly be the key to the theory of evolution in its fossil filled caves. The area lies mainly in the province of Gauteng but extend into the North West province. This area has yielded some of the oldest hominid fossils ever found, some of which date back 3.5 million years. Large tracts of the land are privately owned however the Sterkfontein caves an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria offer a spectacular insight into the past and present of mankind.

At nearly 19 000 square kilometres the Kruger National Park is the one of the largest game reserves in Africa and is the premier destination for visitors to South Africa looking for a game viewing experience. Located in the Limpopo Province the Kruger has become part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, incorporating National reserves in both Zimbabwe and Mozabique. The Kruger is a 6 hour drive from Johannesburg and the roads are well maintained, otherwise the park is serviced by three runways one of which handles commercial SAA flights from Johannesburg International Airport. The game viewing in this park is second to none.

The V&A Waterfront is perhaps South Africa’s premier shopping destination for the rich and famous. Built alongside the working Cape Town docks, the shopping mall houses big designer brand names such as Hugo Boss and the Adidas Concept Store. With Table Mountain as a backdrop it is one of the most beautiful settings in Cape Town at which to while away a day shopping or enjoying a beer in the sun.

Doberman Pinscher – Pros and Cons of Owning This Surprising Pet

Learn the Pluses and Minuses of Owning a Doberman Pinscher for a Pet

When considering a Doberman Pinscher as a pet, you may be concerned with the fact that this dog has a reputation of having a fierce disposition. This may be especially disconcerting when you have children in your home. The fact is that you can never be sure of what type of attitude the dog will have around children or other family members unless they are trained correctly. In this article, I will address the pros and cons of owning this surprising breed of dog.


Contrary to what people believe, the Doberman is no longer as aggressive as it once was. Today, a pet Doberman can be just as loving and friendly as your average dog. The dog can be treated as another member of the family and this can help to make the dog more affectionate and loving as well as playful. If you have the time to train the dog, that will make him or her more easily manageable.

With the proper training you pet Dobe is a puppy or dog that will be very social. They will require a high level of interaction with all humans and family members in order to stay happy in its family environment. Someone in the family should pay special attention to them every day to make sure they understand they are part of the family.

Many reports state that Dobermans are great dogs for families where there are small children in the home so long as they are introduced and raised together. A high number of people have experienced fantastic relationships between their children and their Dobermans.

When you are training your dog, also consider that your children and other family members need to be trained on how to treat a Doberman. If everyone is knowledgeable and trained together, it is highly likely that you will have a great relationship with your dog or puppy for years to come. The most important part of training your pet is to make sure they know you are the leader of the pack and you’ll find they tend to learn fairly easily.


Doberman Pinschers are naturally playful and because they may be bigger than your child could play a little rough without realizing it when it comes to wrestling around with them. This is why it’s important to raise the dog and children together while teaching them to respect each other. If you have a puppy or child that has not had any training, you may experience difficulty with teaching either child or dog about where each of them crosses the line. Keep this in mind when considering a Doberman as a pet.

Although these dogs love children there are times when they think of them as their own and can be too protective. Make a quick movement toward one their children and you may find yourself in trouble as the pet can get quite aggressive. This was the problem with my brother-in-law’s Dobe and they finally had to find another home for him.

Friends who may visit your home are often worried about whether or not your pet Dobe is vicious, which may deter friends from coming over until they understand that your pet is not a threat to their children or to themselves. This also is a catch 22 because while friends may stay away until they learn the difference, prowlers or thieves can equally be as cautious when looking for a home to break into.

One problem that can be a big one is that since a Doberman spooks easily, you may find that often times your pet going to be stressed or shy. Try not to make any quick or threatening movements around your pet to make you don’t create a stressful environment situation for them. The more they are around you the more used to you they will be and eventually they will take most of your movements in stride.

All in all a Doberman is a good family dog especially if it is raised with the family. I would think a female might be better is you have small children as they probably won’t be quite as aggressive when watching over the children. They are easy to train when you have established that you are the pack leader.

Courier Driver Insurance: What You Need to Know

There are many things that you need to set in place when you first start out working as a courier driver. However, one of the most important things on your list should be to ensure you have adequate insurance.

Finding suitable insurance is essential. Not only is insurance a legal requirement, but a policy that covers all your needs will also serve to provide you with peace of mind while you work. Here is what you need to know.

Courier Insurance is not Standard

Insurance is a legal requirement for every driver – in fact, even if you are not using your van a lot, it must still be insured. However, if you use your vehicle to carry out delivery work, you should be aware that you’ll need more than just standard vehicle insurance. As a courier driver, you will be considered a higher risk than other road users, because you will stop frequently, you have deadlines to meet, and you may also transport valuable goods that need to be covered under a policy. It therefore makes sense to spend adequate time researching the most suitable policy, even if that means spending a little more on it.

Different Types

There are different levels of policies that you can choose from. Everybody’s circumstances are unique, so it is important to find the most suitable policy for your personal situation when working as a courier driver. Various factors could influence your insurance, from the type of vehicle you drive to how far you travel and how many drop-offs you make.

One of the most important things to look for is goods in transit cover. This provides coverage for all the cargo you transport, some of which may be very valuable. If you have an accident or the goods are stolen, you are liable for the damage or loss, and this could cost you a lot of money. So to have complete peace of mind you’ll need to invest in decent goods in transit cover. (You should also find out what is not covered under a particular policy, as it may not include high-value goods like jewellery.)

Breakdown cover is another thing you should definitely consider including. This will provide you with protection should you experience problems on the road, as it can be very difficult if something goes wrong when you are working to a deadline.

Other things that may be covered in a policy include vandalism, overseas travel, public liability, employers’ liability, personal belongings and replacement van cover. You may also want to get a fleet policy if you have numerous vehicles. It’s important never to assume that any aspect is covered; always check the details carefully and understand exactly what you’re covered for as well as how much excess you will have to pay when you make a claim.

Look Around for a Suitable Policy

When you start your research for insurance, always search around and get quotes from various providers, as they’ll all provide slightly different policies at different prices. This is an important decision for any courier driver, so do spend some time over the process. And remember, don’t simply buy the cheapest you can find – you need to make sure it really does provide the cover you need.

The Essential and Complete Bali Travel Checklist

The essential and complete Bali travel checklist

Passports, Tickets and Visas

If you carry a Singapore, Malaysian, Philippines, Thai, Vietnam, Chile, HK, Macao, Brunei, Morocco or Peru you will not need a visa to enter Bali.

For all other passport holders you’ll need USD$25 on arrival (valid for 30 days, and extendable) to pay for your visa on arrival. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia, and you must have proof of onward passage (either return or through tickets).

When leaving Bali, you’ll have to pay a departure tax of 150,000Rp per person at the airport. You pay this in rupiah not US currency. Put this money aside and don’t spend it on shopping!

Pro Tip: If you want to avoid the queues and baggage collecting – use The Bali Concierge airport service for a VIP pickup experience. For USD$50 they will escort you from your arrival gate, handle all the visa stuff and put your bags through immigration – all while you wait at the bar and enjoy snacks.

Travel Insurance

Insurance when traveling anywhere is a must. Especially somewhere like Bali, where you are likely to do outdoor activities, ride scooters and get in the surf. You don’t want to be stuck without insurance. We recommend using a reputable insurance company, such as Zuji, who is underwritten by Allianz.


Don’t even try Indonesia is very strict with drug laws, and even has the death penalty for drug trafficking. There are plain clothes police that also patrol the streets looking for sellers and users. Basically, don’t even try – else you’ll end up like the Bali 9 or Schapelle Corby.

Credit Cards

Bring em but be careful It’s always good to have a credit card with you when traveling, especially for those unexpected expenses. Remember to notify your credit card company that you are traveling, and give them your overseas contact details – otherwise they may cancel or suspend your card under suspicion of fraud. When using credit cards in Bali, make sure its only on legitimate looking credit card machines – be wary of devices that ‘skim’ and steal your card information. Avoid places that use the old type manual carbon copy units – any decent place should have a electronic unit. Rule of thumb: If you are not sure, just use cash.

Staying Healthy and avoiding “Bali Belly”

Indonesia is a developing nation and as such does not have the same level of sanitation and health care standards which we come to expect in developed nations. It’s recommended to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Flu. It’s best to consult your local doctor about vaccinations. The water in Bali is not recommended for drinking, so to avoid the infamous “bali belly” stick to bottled water. If you want to be extra careful, use your bottled water for brushing your teeth as well. Avoid ice in drinks from food stalls and small warungs (eatery). But ice from the convenience store or from a bar should be okay.

Alcohol and Drinks

Alcohol can be quite expensive Other than the locally made Bintang Beer (similar to and owned by Heineken) which is refreshingly Delicious and dirt cheap, and the horrible hangover inducing Arak, most alcohol is very expensive in Bali. This is supposedly due to the ‘moral’ tax put on by the Indonesian government. Eg. A bottle of Smirnoff Vodka can cost us to 500,000rp (About USD$55). So it’s a popular option to bring in your own duty free alcohol. Indonesian law allows up to 1L per person, which is not a lot. If you choose to bring more and get caught you will have to surrender it or pay a, *ahem*, “fine” of anything from 20,000rp to 100,000rp and you will be able to keep your alcohol.

Getting Around

The best way to get around Bali, if you are not game on driving/riding your own vehicle is taxi and car+driver services. Taxi’s are inexpensive (ie a metered taxi for a 45min ride is less than USD$7), see the bottom of this post for Taxi companies. Make sure the taxi is metered and starts at 5,000rp. You can also get car+driver services from about starting from USD$35 for a whole day – it would be recommended to tip the driver at the end of the day.

Mobile Phones and Wifi

Your own phone will probably be able to global roam on Indonesian networks, but it can be very expensive to make and receive calls. The best thing to do is purchase a local prepay sim card (like SimPati or 3) and pop it in your phone – you will then enjoy the low local rates. iPhones and Blackberry work but you’ll have to get a SIM card that has internet data. It’s easier to stick to the free wifi available at many cafes and bars.

Electricity plugs

In Indonesia they use 220V, 50 Cycle and the plugs are dual round prongs of the European variety. Adapters are available at some hotels OR can be purchased at Matahari’s ( supermarket ) for around 35,000 Rp.

Tipping is good karma

Tipping There will sometimes be a service charge tacked onto your restaurant bill. It is not compulsory, but it is good practice to tip your hotel porters, masseuses, maids and any other staff during your stay. It doesn’t have to be much – but you will ensure you will be looked after, and it would be greatly appreciated by the staff who only earn the equivalent of a few dollars a day.

Other Stuff

Sunscreen and moisturizer is expensive for some reason in Bali, bring your favorites from home. Condoms in Indonesia are not the best quality, it’d be safer and wiser to bring some of your own. Imodium (diarrhea medication) is worth keeping with you, you can buy them at any pharmacy (called apotik in Indonesian) in case of the infamous “bali belly”.

Social Media Networks Make Global Travel Lodging Easy

The online marketplace for international lodging through social media networks has contributed to the rapid spread of globalization between people of different countries. The beginning framework for our modern-day computers, travel, and internet capabilities occurred around the mid-twentieth century. Over the next sixty years, unimaginable advances in computer technology and increased accessibility to the world-wide web on an international scale have created a multitude of travel accommodation options for the avid world travelers. A large part of this increase in international lodging options for world travelers is due to social media networks. People are now able to resourcefully and effectively plan for international travel arrangements using social media networks. Travelers can experience varying cultures among people and local landscapes, leading to a unique experience on a global level. Our world has gotten smaller while our travel options are now endless. Once a traveler arrives at a preferred location, lodging within the area can be as culturally immersive as the traveler desires. In a word, globalization of travel has gone digital (Susan Lund).

Common practices for planning a trip, such as contacting an airline, hotel, or planning a trip through a travel agency have become increasingly obsolete. A quick search on the internet yields numerous websites to search and explore. A recent article in Forbes listed several useful websites for planning a trip (R.L. Adams). Among the ten websites listed, and stand out as offering global lodging opportunities on a very authentic cultural level. Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service, enabling people to lease or rent short-term lodging including vacation rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hostel beds, or hotel rooms. HomeAway offers a selection of rental accommodations from cabins to castles to farm houses. In addition to these sites, provides a platform for members to stay as a guest at someone’s home, host travelers, meet other members, or join an event. The common thread of each of these three sites is their platform to connect the individual traveler to a global community opening their doors to them.

The first website mentioned, Airbnb, ranks number one on Forbes’ list. Airbnb was almost unknown in 2008. Now over a decade later it has become synonymous with lodging at any price point enabling people to list or rent short term lodging. As Airbnb website details, the company expands an individual’s travel possibilities and opportunities to over 191 countries. Airbnb promotes that travelers can experience cities as locals more so than as tourists. Airbnb has customers from around the world and believes that individuals will continually become more connected to more cultures, shaping the way that the individual traveler engages with the world.

A second social media network for lodging options is HomeAway. This website is listed as second on Forbes’ recent article of top travel lodging resources. It has been established since 2005 and is making a name for itself by acting as a rental classified having over 1 million listings in 22 languages in 190 countries. HomeAway’s website states its’ mission is to make every vacation rental in the world available to every traveler in the world through their online marketplace. HomeAway offers a wide-ranging selection of vacation homes. Travelers have more room to relax with added privacy while experiencing the world around them.

Having not made Forbes’ list, Couchsurfing definitely stands out, expanding a traveler’s opportunities to experience world cultures up-close and personal. Couchsurfing was founded in 2004 and services over 14 million people in 200,000 cities around the world. Couchsurfing’s website states that the company envisions a world made better by travel and travel made better by connection to foster cultural exchange and mutual respect. Travelers can connect with hosts who offer air mattress, couches, or spare bedrooms as lodging – experiencing the world in a way money cannot buy.

In summary, there is a common thread between these social media networks that is focused on global lodging: they will unquestionably continue to play a role in furthering globalization. An individual’s travel experience will differ greatly depending on which country he or she chooses to visit. Airbnb, HomeAway, and Couchsurfing are three sites that focus on understanding through the share of ideas, culture, and knowledge. Social media networks have the opportunity to connect or disconnect global relations, through the cultivation of a shared global citizenship between people of all cultures.

Works cited:

Susan Lund, James Manyika, and Jacques Bughin, “Globalization is Becoming More About Data and Less about Stuff”, Harvard Business Review, March 14, 2016

R.L. Adams, “Top Travel Websites for Planning Your Next Adventure”,, March 29, 2016

Get the Upgrades and Luxuries You Desire When You Travel

It is easier than you think to set up luxury travel plans with great upgrades. Yet you don’t have to pay full price for them. In fact, you can often get those rewards without paying much more than you would for the basics. It all comes down to finding the best deals and putting them in motion. Rather than spending a great deal of time to do this, you can get it done through a provider.

There are luxury travel planners who love looking for specific offers and deals to match the needs of their clients. Once you share with them where you would like to go and what you are interested in, they can spend some time looking around. Once they find options, they can discuss them with you. The final say of what you do and what you pay is always up to you.

Finding a Provider

The key to getting terrific results with luxury travel planners is to find a provider you can trust and that allows you to get exactly what you need. The longer they have been in business and the better reputation they have, the easier it is for you to put the planning into their hands. Ask questions and make sure you know what other customers have to say about their experiences.

Find out about the types of methods and resources the provider uses to find you deals. The best luxury travel planners are efficient and they know where to look and what resources to use to offer you the best outcome. They are interested in offering you overall value, not just saving you money. They want you to become a repeat customer and to refer your friends to them.

One of a Kind Experiences

They are experts and that means they can offer you one of a kind experiences. They can include perks and bonuses you aren’t going to be able to get on your own. The connections luxury travel planners have with various entities means they can get you those sold out tickets you wanted or they can get you a dinner reservation where you thought it was all booked up for your timeframe.

They can also provide you with all-inclusive packages. This means everything you will do for activities is included in the price. Often, this comes with some great perks including upgraded seats and even first opportunities for the best time slots. It certainly doesn’t hurt to talk to them and see what they can do for you.

Making Memories

With the assistance of luxury travel planners, your travel plans will be above and beyond what you had hoped for. You will be able to make wonderful memories and never have to stress about your travel arrangements. Most can help with last minute travel plans, but it is best to contact them as soon as you know where you want to go and when.

The more time they have to put it all together for you, the more exciting it is going to be. If you travel often, it isn’t going to be hard to forge a long term relationship with luxury travel planners. They will learn to identify what you like and prefer, and that helps them to make additional recommendations for you down the road. No more spending lots of time trying to get results on your own. Just contact them and they will do all the legwork for you. Then they can give you results and you can pick and choose what you want to take part in.

How to Pack for a Summer Vacation

It’s that time of the year again when the scorching heat becomes unbearable with each passing day. At such a time, all you want is an air-conditioned room and something cool to sip on. However, if you are going on a holiday, you will be spending a lot of time outside, exploring different places. If this is scaring you, considering the temperature is rising everyday, here are some tips that will help you stay protected from the heat.

Carry a Sunblock Lotion or Sunscreen

Going out in the sun without protecting your skin is a big no no, especially in summer. So, while you searching for the cheapest airline booking online and packing your clothes, also get a bottle or two of sunscreen or sunblock lotion. Sunscreen will not only prevent you from getting a sunburn but it will also protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. When you are buying the lotion, make sure you get one that has both UVA and UVB protection.

Pack Cotton and Lightweight Clothes

During the summer season, it’s advisable that you wear cotton clothes so that your skin can breathe. Wearing synthetic clothes may cause irritation and you might end up feeling hot and suffocated. So, when you are packing for your vacation, make sure you put in light clothes that will help your body stay calm. When it comes to shoes, carry open-toed ones or flip flops so that your feet can get as much air as possible.

Choose the Correct Accessories

Since you will be travelling during peak summer, carry a straw hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a scarf, just in case the heat becomes unbearable. These accessories will keep you protected from the heat when you are out, visiting different places. If you are going to be spending a lot of time on the beach, carry a beach bag and towels with you too. It’s also preferable that you carry a change of clothes so that you don’t have to stay in your sweat-soaked clothes for a long period of time.

Take Necessary Medication with You

Some places can have heat waves during the summer. In such a case, you should be prepared for it. Additionally, if you have diseases that can be triggered due to the heat, take the prescribed medicines with you. You might also want to take vaccinations that will protect you from falling sick from insect bites or mosquitoes.

These are some of the simples steps that you can keep in mind while packing for a summer vacation. And while you are vacationing, just remember to drink a lot of fluids and keep yourself hydrated.

5 Secrets That Travel Insiders Know About Finding Great Cruise Deals

Taking a trip on the great ocean in a huge ship remains a very popular way to vacation, and with good cause. When you light upon the cruise deals, it can make the trip even more fantastic. With more people turning to cruise ships, companies are offering more value packages and add-ons each day. The trick is just knowing not only where, but also when to look. Take a look at some of the following pro-tips to help you make the most of your next vacation:

Book During “Wave Season”

There is a specific time of the year where cruise lines offer lightening-hot cruise deals. From January to March, known as the off-season, you can find some real fantastic deals. This time period is well-known in travel circles as “wave season.” Companies really try to encourage travelers to book early, and, of course, book with their particular line. As a result, there tend to be some crazy deals available, including Buy One, Get One free options (also known as BOGO), and added value, like free dining, or automatic upgrades. The trick is to look around, and know which companies can offer big packages. Travel firms that specialize in cruising can really help in locating these special offers.

Look for a popular destination.

This may seem like counter-intuition, but booking a trip to a popular destination can actually save you money. With large cruise ships, the goal is to fill to capacity. And with popular destinations, there are many competing lines that leave daily, if not several times in one day. With so many ships, many companies offer great cruise deals to attract customers that will, hopefully, become repeat travelers. Alaska, the Caribbean and Cuba are all hot spots at the moment, and may offer the best deals.

Remain flexible about your dates.

Traveling last-minute, spontaneously or stand-by isn’t for everyone. It can be especially stressful for those who have pre-booked vacation days from work. But for those who can afford to be more flexible, it can really work to your advantage when it comes to the pocketbook. In order to sell last-minute cabins, many cruise ships offer heavily discounted rooms. They may also add-on some great values, like upgrades and free dining and show passes. If you know where to search, you can really score some great offers.

Or… book super early!

On the flip side, it can also be advantageous to book super early, like during wave season. Booking early can ensure that you find some good deals on ships that like to know ahead of time that they are completely full.

Pursue add-ons.

Add-ons are the greatest aspect to finding great cruise deals. Added value can include things like upgraded rooms, free dining, or certain passes. Don’t forget to search for free air flights or vehicle rentals to transport you to a port. Air credit is also another popular incentive for travelers. Many travel firms will know when and how to search for these added deals.

Film Tourism: What It Is, and How To Plan A Trip

Film tourism refers to the process of choosing a travel destination based on a movie that either references the location, was shot at the specific location, or was set in the location. Some claim it is a relatively new form of tourism, while others maintain that this repeats the long-established practice of reading about a location and then going to visit, based on literature. Regardless, it is a great opportunity to combine the love of film with the love of travel. Take a look at the following guide to determine just how you might frame your next travel adventure based on a film you love:

Think about where you want to go and why.

It should be easy to pick a place to travel and just go – or is it? When a person works hard and has limited time to choose a destination, it is understandable that you want to choose the perfect place. Film tourism is a great avenue for choosing a destination. Many people watch classics from their childhood and feel nostalgia. Others try foreign films or exciting adventure flicks. Whatever your choice in cinematic art is, you can find inspiration.

Think about what kind of places you have seen in movies and how it made you feel. There is no wrong answer, as long as you have an answer. Beaches, mountains, specific countries can all lead to new experiences, if you plan well. So think about a place you have seen in a movie, and think about what your end-goal for vacation is. Also consider whether you want to relax, explore, or challenge yourself. These goals should affect your choice in travel venue.

Consider the film. Or consider your reasons for wanting to consider a film.

There is a phrase popular in film tourism: Reel to real. This references the ability to see something on a screen and then translate those feelings and that experience into a physical visit through vacation. There is a lot of merit to translating a film to the real world. In order to make the most of a vacation planned around a film, it is best to consider the most important aspects of what drew you to a film. Was it a sense of nostalgia? Was it the scenery? New Zealand is a place in particular that has felt the draw of the tourism sector after the beauty of “The Hobbit” and other such films attracted people to the countryside. Was it a culinary masterpiece that had you wanting to savor the cuisine of a different place?

Contact a professional service that can plan the trip for you.

Because film tourism has really taken off, there are some fantastic film vacation packages available. These include pre-planned trips revolving around a specific film or group of films or even a location that is famous for several different movies. A travel firm that is well-versed in the different complexities in scheduling a trip can really help you decide what you want from a trip and how to get it.

Tips To Travel In Style With Limo Services

Hiring a limousine is not only about hiring a car it is like hiring a whole experience, the chauffeur, the luxury of the car, the cocktail bar everything. There might be occasions when you want to arrive in a grand fashion, it may be a wedding, a social event or even just a meeting or event. It does not matter what the occasion is, a limousine service is something which will make you arrive at your desired destination in luxury and style. Here are a few tips that may help you optimize your experience.


When you arrive at your destination the first impression is how you arrive there. On certain occasions we like to have the attention on ourselves. The limo service will get you the best car selection which is according to your taste and style so that you make a lasting impression.


Arriving at any occasion especially if it is work related can be very unnerving and your image is crucial. Getting there in a luxurious limo rental can be the best way to let your business person or partner or whoever the significant person is know how serious you are about the occasion and how important it is for you.


We spent a lot of time and money in our daily life. The limo services are very reliable and therefore they can help save you money and time. Just imagine how terrible it would be if you missed your Uber ride or it did not come on time. Then you would have to call a cab which will make you spend more money and time.


The limo service provides its user with the finest service making them feel satisfied, comfortable and safe with their experience. The limo service provides its user with a Chauffeur who handles everything for the user.


Limos come in various styles and colors. For businesses some of the popular options are: Lincoln Limousine, The Stretch Limo, Hummer Limousine, SUV Limousine etc. They also have various features that will make you feel comfortable. You can choose one from the variety that best suits your budget and needs.


No matter what event you are going to whether it is your own wedding or a friend’s, a business meeting or an interview a limo service is the best way to arrive at the occasion. The limo service with all its luxuries, reliability and convenience will make this an unforgettable moment of your life. Here are a few suggestions where you can use a limo service:

· Wedding

· Bachelor/bachelorette Party

· Birthday Party

· Prom Night

· Business Meeting

· Job Interview

· Airport pick and drop

Just remember limo service makes an amazing present. It does not matter for who it is or for what occasion, traveling in a limo is always a great experience. And the best thing about it is that you can dress the limo up or down depending upon what kind of event you are going to just like you can dress an outfit up or down. So the next time you are planning to go to an event remember that limo service is the best way to get there.