Investing 20,000 Dollars For a Quick Return – 3 Ideas

To set the scene, lets say you have a spare $20,000 and you want to invest it in some way where you get a quick return. There are many ways to invest such money and one of the most interesting one’s is investing it in a market you already know. The stock market is too slow and short cycle investments are a much better option, so lets explore a few ideas here now.

1) Maybe you have a good eye for used cars. Your first step would be to familiarize yourself with the local used car market and get interested in a few particular models. The simplest way to establish the accurate intrinsic value of a particular model is to do a comparison value assessment. This simply means you go on line or buy a tabloid with listings of that particular model and ascertain what would be a real price, for a clean neat vehicle at that price range. Once you have that comparison figure, it becomes a simple matter of assessing the vehicles on sale in your area where the asking price is much lower than it should be.

People sell for their own reasons, often price, or getting the best possible price is not on top of the priority list. This type of mis-pricing is typical and normal in any market. Finding a bargain and re-selling it for a profit is one way to get a return on $20,000

2) You could buy and sub divide a cheap but large block of land. Typically, this type of transaction is quite lucrative because, if you successfully split the land, you now have 2 blocks worth $30,000 for an outlay of $20,000 that is a 50% mark up. Also, this type of transaction can be purchased with finance, so you could potentially buy 10 such blocks with a small deposit on each. Many people have made a lot of money doing this and getting skilled at researching your target land and ascertaining whether it can be split is a valuable skill to have.

3) You could import a container load of widgets from China and wholesale the products in your town. You can get anything from Chinese manufacturers. One example might be electric “Vespa” style scooters. At last look, they were selling them for around $400 usd per unit, so you could sell these at a healthy mark up and still be cheap enough for enthusiastic buying of your import. There is a few important things to learn about importing, but once you understand it, you are set to profit.

Why America Should Have Stayed Neutral in WWI

Many people believe that the United States should have stayed neutral during WWI, among them was the president himself, Wilson. Being neutral during the war would’ve saved the US a lot of troops, supplies and money. Paying for a war isn’t cheap; you have to pay soldiers wages, pay for their equipment, and for transportation to get to the battles. Men were lost in the battle, killed, severely wounded, or with a bad case of Shell Shock. Sending people off to battle also isn’t good for business, it takes away workers that could have worked in factories, and because of war there aren’t any new immigrants coming to the USA to take their place. These are the reasons that I believe that the USA should have stayed neutral in WWI.

Money is a big issue when used in war. The government has to pay for a lot of things that people don’t think of. Just because their soldiers don’t mean that they get free passage across the ocean. Soldiers need to get paid, they’re not going to want to fight for just their country, they want some benefit out of it. This doesn’t mean that they have no nationalism for their country, it’s just that they can’t go home empty handed. The guns that they shoot are also expensive, along with the bullets, uniforms, boots and any other equipment that the soldiers need.

Dying isn’t something that most of us want to do, but if you volunteer for war it is something that you witness daily, if you don’t do it yourself. This is a huge downside for war, to fight a war, you have to have soldiers and basically label them as “expandable.” Saying that they can run into a hail of gunfire and if they die it’s alright, but I’m guessing that the soldiers themselves aren’t going to agree with this.

Business is a major part of America, and to have a successful business, you need workers. You can’t run a business if you have no one working for you. So if the government takes some of your workers away, what are you going to do? Production is going to be slowed, which means less equipment is made, which means less money is made for the workers who work there. Immigrants are no longer coming to America in this time because of the war, ships keep getting sunk. So the companies have no one else to hire.

There is a lot more to war then just soldiers shooting each other, but most people don’t think about these things. They just thought that Germany was “bad” and they should be stopped. They didn’t think about the money the government would have to pay, the soldiers who would have to die, or how sending a huge part of the population overseas would affect their economy. This is why I believe America should have stayed neutral.

Afraid of the Dark – Working With Black Men in Corporate America

I’ve worked on-and-off in corporate America for 12 years as a consultant, independent contractor, and an employee. In that time, I’ve had the dubious distinction of being the only black man, and many times, the only black person, at the companies where I was employed.

The thing about being the only black person in the office is that it comes with responsibility. Not job responsibility, because that’s a given, but psychosocial responsibility.

Many times, I, and other black men in similar situations, represent the lone intimate contact that our white colleagues will have with other black people, and black men in particular. The extent of these interactions will be largely determined by their comfort level and acceptance.

While many (white people) find it shocking that a black man can still be the sole representative of the black race in any workplace, others (black people) know the phenomenon of the “token” black employee is still alive and well – especially in geographical regions where there is not a high preponderance, or deep pool, of blacks who work in executive or corporate positions.

Corporate environments are not for everyone; this seems to hold especially true for black men.

Because of the obvious absence of black men in the offices and corridors of corporate America, one can draw the assumption that black men don’t have a predilection for corporate jobs. That’s not true. They just don’t like, and in many cases, can not handle, its superficial nature.

Entry into the corporate environment for black men is especially rigorous. Qualifications and racism aside, there are high barriers to entry which many of us simply are not aware of. These barriers, which also serve as filters, predicated on the fears of those who create them.

On an executive level, hiring managers base their decisions around answers which revolve around questions such as: Can I see him bringing strong leadership to this company? Will the others follow him? How will his subordinates respond to him? Will they respect him? Will they like him? Will the other directors/managers/supervisors get along with him? Can we trust him?

On an administrative level, the questions are similar: Will he get along with others in the office? Can he take direction well? Will he be a reliable employee? Is he going to make trouble for me?

From what I’ve seen, and what I’ve been told by people in HR who have spoken to me in confidence, is that for black men, the real question is this: Does he fit in?

Every company has its culture, and every office has its personnel. When black men show up for an interview they are often unaware of each, and affected by both. Fitting in – or the perceived ability to fit in – is a major consideration in hiring decisions.

But it doesn’t end with the obvious. On a deeper level, fitting in can also mean upholding someone else’s agenda. Sometimes black men are hired because they will be less of a threat for advancement (i.e. less likely to take someone’s job), and less expensive because they tend to lack executive opportunities, and thus executive experience for competitive executive pay, or because they make a positive statement about a company’s “commitment” to a diverse workforce.

Whatever the case, the office dynamics between black men and their white co-workers are truly something to behold. It’s common knowledge among black men who work in corporate America that white people get PR points for being politically correct; therefore it behooves them to act as if they don’t notice color.

But they do. You can see it in their eyes when black men show up for interviews (especially when they don’t have a “black” sounding name – yes, discrimination takes place on that level as well). Once hired, we have to quickly put people at ease with the hiring decision by making co-workers feel comfortable, or by proving that we are qualified for the jobs they have been given.

This is why so many black men who work in corporate America fit a particular profile: educated, articulate, cultured, and non-threatening. When these characteristics are on full display, they contribute to the comfort level of whites.

Once some level of comfort is achieved, it can only be reinforced with positive interactions over a period of time. Each interaction with our white co-workers will either confirm, or dispel pre-conceived notions that they have about us. Yes, we are in a delicate position to altar perceptions. We are also in a position of burden.

We may be comfortable within ourselves to function happily in our situations, but we are never happy with our isolated situations. Would any woman feel comfortable being the only female in an all male office? Kinship is very important in any sphere of life, and it creates a sense of belonging.

Furthermore, there’s always the presence of a palpable racial dynamic, in spite of our efforts to ignore it.

We can sense it just in the way we are greeted (or not greeted), the content of the conversations that we have with others, body language, enthusiasm, etc. All of these actions or inactions leave us feeling like outsiders.

Sometimes our outsider status can work for us; making us more approachable by members of groups that we are not a part of. Other times, it’s a liability when it comes to positioning and promoting ourselves because the key individuals that we need to win over have forged alliances with others.

If you are a white person reading this, just know that the token black guy in your office is well aware of it. He is also aware of the fact that you are aware of this too. Accept and embrace your differences; don’t try to hide them. He can provide a deeper understanding, and a greater appreciation of black culture when opportunities present themselves.

And above all, remember this: A black man, no matter how educated, cultured, or refined, thinks differently because his journey and his experience is usually quite different than that of his white male peers. We also have to work two to three times as hard to achieve the same successes. We may be in the same river with our white male counterparts, but we are not in the same boat. Even with a black president.

Invest $400 and Make a Fortune In 4 Easy Steps

Have you ever heard of the phrase – give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime? Well I would like to focus on that simple principle with an idea of how to invest $400 and make a fortune. I want to tell you that you already know how to do this. Below are 5 easy steps to make a fortune starting with just $400

If you have purchased anything from the store you already understand the concept of sales. The question is how can YOU take a small Investment and turn that into a large amount of money?

So here are some ideas.

Step 1: How can I make a $400 Investment turn into $4,000? Buy a small business that returns $80 dollars a week, that will give you a return of $4000 in a year and you can find such a business online easily for $400

Step 2: How can I make a $4,000 Investment turn into $40,000? Secure land that has development potential without actually buying it. Use a lease to buy for a short time then spend $4000 on advertising and a nice full color billboard on the land. Sell it for a $40,000 profit.

Step 3: How can I make a $40,000 Investment turn into $400,000? Put down a deposit on a luxury Yacht and have it re finished to raise the value. Do a double close so you never have to fund the purchase.

Step 4: How can I make a $400,000 Investment turn into $4,000,000? Buy 10 acres on the outskirts of your town making sure the land is zoned for building then subdivide the land into small residential lots and sell each one for 10 times what you paid in bulk.

These are some suggestions that came to mind. Nevertheless, do not limit yourself to these ideas. You can experiment with other thoughts and ideas too.

How to Collect and Invest In One Dollar Bills Using Serial Numbers

A one dollar bill may not seem like a lot of money, but some are rare and can become part of an investment. The key to knowing if a dollar bill is worth more than face value is to examine the serial number. Serial numbers are a combination of a letter, eight numbers and another letter at the end. You can find them easily because they are printed in green and are located twice on each bill. One is close to the bottom left of George Washington’s portrait and the other is located at the top right of his portrait. Combinations of serial numbers are keys to determining the rarity and investment value of a bill.

The first letter runs from “A” to “L”. These 12 letters are codes for the cities where they were printed. The last letter indicates the number of times that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing used the sequence of serial numbers. So, “A” means that the serial number has run only one time. “B” indicates a second time and “C” is the third. The number of letters goes through the 26-letter alphabet.

Between the letters are eight numbers representing how many one dollar bills were printed in one year. The first one printed will be “00000001”. The last is “32000000”. The lower or higher the numbers, the more they’re worth as investments. For example, a bill with a low number like 00000095, or one with a high number 32000022 can fetch between $25 to $100.

Also, a specific combination of numbers can add value. If you have only two numbers in the set, like “2” and “4”, such as 22424442. This number is worth a little more than face value. But, if you have a repeating pattern, like, 24242424, or 24224224, your investment just increased by about $1,000. This special combo is called a “binary bill.”

You might also get a set using three numbers, such as “2”, “4”, and “7”, you can have them in no special order, such as:27244727, or 59577975 Of course, if they follow a repeating order, they are worth more. You must know that a two number combination will be more valuable than the three number combination. These are called “trinary bills,” which could only fetch $3 or $5.

Another type is called a “ladder,” which is a direct count from 1 to 8: 12345678 or, backwards: 87654321.

A “radar” bill reads the same numbers backwards and forwards, like a mirror: 14622641. A “super radar” bill only includes two numbers, with the same one only at the beginning and end: 59999995. Radars can fetch about $25, while super radars might be worth about $70.

Two or more separate bills with consecutive serial numbers, like 25348793 and 25348794, are two bills printed one after the other.

“Doubles” occur when you have two of the same numbers: 33774499. A “double quad” is two sets of four of the same number: 33335555. Even a bill with one number repeated eight times: 44444444 might bring $500.

You can also find a “star note.” If you see a star at the end of a serial number, it means that it’s a replacement bill for one with the same serial number that was damaged.

Special combinations of serial numbers from one dollar bills vary in value, from just a few dollars to a few thousand. My advice is to go to your bank and ask for a one-dollar “strap” which is a pack of 100 one dollar bills. Go through them and see what patterns of serial numbers you can find. Sometimes, a fresh new pack of one dollar bills will come to a bank straight from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. So you might have a good chance of finding consecutive bills, which could possibly earn you a few more dollars if you sold them to a collector. Just remember that any bill with a special serial number is a rare item. Now, you have a good reason to check the dollar bills in your pocket or purse.

The Essence of History

“The history guides people to succeed tomorrow”

History is the most accurate and profound basis of the past. The context of history is either good or bad because of life changing events that happened. But, what is the true meaning of history? How do you consider an event as history? How important is history?

What is history?

If you would ask a person on what is the first thing that comes into their mind when they hear the word history they would say it is about the untold stories on how the world is created and others would have their point of view about the heroes and the villains like the four fathers of America, Adolf Hitler or even Chairman Mao of the west. If you would look deeper, history is broad yet deep that binds the core existence of the world. Hence, history keeps the records of events that happened.

How do you consider an event as history?

A lot of people only know the great events that happened in the past and they consider it as a history. But, few people know that history has many aspects.

There are two kinds of history, the documented and the undocumented. These two differs on the kind of approach from people. Documented histories are seen on books, libraries and other medium whereas the undocumented are those events that have no evidence like storytelling, legends and more.

But, all in all you can consider anything as history if it is memorable to any person because history are memories and lessons that happened in the past that can be a guide or be taught by elders to the next generations.

Importance of history:

History is a lesson in the past but can also be the greatest regret of the future. Yet the reason why there is history is because of the events that were created by man. Either good or bad, history is very important because it taught people the right things to do in order to avoid mistakes and regrets.

The reason why there are so many blunders in history is because people never learn from the mistakes they’ve done in the past. Hence history always remains as a reminder for us people and share the events that happened in this present time to the next generation.

Invest $1200 Dollars For a Quick Return – 3 Ideas

Quick returns are nicer than long term returns. Waiting for the maturity of an investment can sometimes mean waiting for old age. Short cycle investments are much more enjoyable and satisfying because there is absolutely no reason why we should wait an entire year to get 12% when it can be done a lot sooner. What that means is that it can be repeated often to create a massive final yearly yield.

As an investor myself, I am always looking for obscure and unique opportunities that are out of the main stream traditional investing community. Always looking for alternative investment ideas.

The following are three ideas where you can make a quick return, often in under a week and you can do it as often as you like. Compounding is the ultimate goal and making compounding gains of 30% per week not a year, you can literally wind up at the end of the year with quite a large seed capital account.

1) Buy a car from someone who is eager to get rid of the car for what ever reason. Do a good deal and re-sell the car for a decent profit.

2) Put $1200 deposit on a corner block of land that is suitable for subdivision. Split the block and re-sell the two lots for a profit.

3) Buy a few small rowing boats for $1200 and pay a kid to tend to them all summer renting them to beach goers. Instant passive returns for 6 months every year. Expand your operations to 10 other beaches.

Thinking in this more “hands on” manner about investing creates opportunities that may not ordinarily exist. These types of value investments, used as a tool for compounding, are very safe because you exchange capital for a tangible object or service that has a value in it self. When you trade in value like this, from capital to object back to capital, you will find safety in market support.

If You Dance With the Devil

“In each human heart are a tiger, a pig, an ass, and a nightingale. Diversity of character is due to their unequal activity.” Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914) Satirist, Poet, Journalist

After many scientific studies, researchers now believe that a person’s character does not consist of a single personality type. There is increasing evidence that a personality is a confluence of several different attitudes and beliefs.

They argue that rather than being one single factor as previously assumed, personality appears to be a more complex, versatile condition marked by blends of attitudes reflecting differing levels of good or bad.

Thus, a personality consists of different facets like a diamond. How you react in any circumstance, depends upon your personality and attitudes, conscious and subconscious, positive and negative.

Bear in mind attitudes are according to an individual’s personality, although no one can have a personality without attitudes. More often than not, one will find an opportunity to assume an attitude of your choice. For instance, when you are angry and offended about something, it is always your choice how to react.

Personality does not really change over time. This is not to say that it never changes, but rather that it is more or less stable. It is one’s attitudes to life that can change a person’s character significantly.

What’s more, those attitudes will affect a person’s behaviour now and the rest of their lives. If positive believes develop in the mind, one’s attitudes will most likely show the way to health and happiness. Then again, if the role models were negative, it may be a different story.

In reality everyone carry their attitudes around with them, and one’s thoughts, behaviour, and even fears, will always be exposed by one’s attitudes. Therefore, every person should know how to use and manage this unique asset

Thoughts, actions, and all the events and conditions of our reality are the reflections of, and reactions to our attitudes. Your subconscious mind works for positive and negative attitudes alike. If one, give it power your subconscious will accurately reproduce the data impressed upon it.

Your mind does not need to prove, that your attitudes are moral or amoral, true or false, positive or negative; it just reacts to the nature of your feelings and personality.

Never underestimate the power of your attitudes. They will have a direct influence on how you are handling a difficult situation now, or problems the next day.

Keep in mind, the real secret to a happier and more successful lifestyle is emotional aptitude, by reprogramming your attitudes.

How Do I Structure an Investment Group?

Investment Groups usually have an excellent success rate, due to their ability to combine resources. The only thing to watch is that you are all on the same page, so to speak. As they say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In other words, all members need to have high motivation and belief system in creating wealth. If any members are a bit stuck, you may need to bring the group’s prosperity level up through motivation techniques applied to creating wealth.

I often refer to an “income ceiling”. That is, a subconscious barrier that most people have that governs how much money they can earn. This has nothing to do with their abilities or talents or expertise – but more to do with parental, social or environmental conditioning. A great book to read is the old classic by Napoleon Hill: “Think and Grow Rich”. It worked then and it works now.

Now, as for the Investment Group structure:

Set it up as either a Partnership or Unit Trust. A Unit Trust has the advantage that members can buy and sell specific ‘units’ according to how much they have to invest, and profits are distributed proportionally.

Either way, you will need to get a legal document drawn up that fully addresses all issues of the investment structure. Best to get this done by a lawyer who specialises in this field.

Also, to avoid arguments or differences that may destroy your group’s success, give a lot of thought to and study the complexities of ‘group dynamics’. If you are the leader or initiator of an Investment Group, then this is a must.

Whenever you feel your group’s collective expertise regarding investing is too low and you start floundering, never hesitate to get good professional advice.

Minimization of Human Wants Is the Only Way to Cleanse the Society of All Kinds of Corruption

Mahatma Gandhi once said ” There is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for a single person’s greed “. This statement is so easily applicable to today’s world. With time, humans have evolved and so have their demands. A few decades ago, people’s aim in life was simple – to have enough to fulfill their basic needs and live a content life. But in today’s modern era, people’s aim has become to earn more and more money, even though it may or may not bring happiness to them. Then people used to work hard to get two square meals a day but today everyone wants to go to five star hotels. With advancing technologies, our demands have increased rapidly, and as a result, today this world is full of greed. Everyone just wants to earn more and more money, no matter how.

All that the people see is money today, and then comes right and wrong. They will do anything for money, till they get the right price. If we put a torch on our life, we will see many occasions where our greed blindfolded us, making us do the things we regret and know are wrong. But moreover, this deadly greed has made our nation to suffer from a chronic disease called corruption, yes my friends a chronic disease, as it is slowly and slowly eating the soul of our nation.

Gone are the days when ‘honesty is the best policy’ was applicable to the daily life, this is the time of ‘ money is the best policy’. Greed has blindfolded our people in such a way that the real growth of our nation is completely hampered. Few centuries ago, India was the richest nation in the world, but today it ranks among most poor nations. The greed has taken the sense of judgement away from us. This world has now become more materialistic than ever, Today, if allowed, we all will happily trade our soul with money. Corruption is hampering India’s growth, but corruption takes place due to money. Money is needed to fulfill our greed, greediness arises as the people want more and more things today, So finally, we can say that human wantness is the main culprit behind corruption. So in order to stop the growing corruption, we need to decrease our wants. So friends, only and only we can stop corruption and glorify our nation again, its now or never…