A Spectacular Family Trip To Sydney

Sydney is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world, always full of surprises for the traveler. If you wish to select a family-friendly tourist destination, Sydney is an amazing choice. You’ll come across plenty of kids friendly attractions in the city and plenty of fun-filled experiences. If it’s your first trip to the city, here is a complete guide to enjoy some attractions and experiences with your kids.

1. The Australian Museum and National Maritime Museum

Let’s face the reality first; many adults despise visiting a museum. For this reason, most of their kids also do not fancy the thought of going to a museum. In Australia, you would find things to be entirely different. You wouldn’t have to suffer from the very obvious boredom in Sydney when you take a trip to the finest museums of the country.

The Australian Museum is the first one built in the country. Ever since its construction, it has particularly catered to the needs of little ones. There are plenty of hands on experiences and interactive activities that presents all the knowledge in a fun manner.

Even if your child holds no interest in the marine, a trip to the National Maritime Museum is just enough to drive their interest. There is plenty to learn and experience when they witness amazing masterpieces such as a submarine, gigantic ships and other amazing exhibits.

2. Sydney Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are a treat to the eyes and the stunning display of flowers and vegetation is surely impressive. It’s absolutely a must visit for the adults, but these Royal Gardens are also well catered to the needs of the children. The wildlife of the park is one of a kind and delightful to explore. The sound of birdsongs all year round is truly a treat to the ears, no matter when you visit. The garden has a wide range of bird species. The Cockatoos and Rosellas truly win the show!

3. An Adventurous Trip to Yarramundi

The tree adventure in Yarramundi is nothing short of amazing and a must to experience. Trees are always great to look at, but you can do way more when you travel to Yarramundi at the famous Grose River Park. If you have kids who get easily bored, it is a perfect choice for you to keep them entertained and thrilled. Children that are four and above can enjoy the tree top adventure, and the course is catered to their age. It’s an exciting day out while they climb, leap and even fly!

4. Taronga Zoo

Australia is famous for its wildlife, and one of the best places to experience this is at the Taronga Zoo. Not only does it have one of the largest collections of wildlife, but also amazing views of the Harbour. There are a number of guided tours that you can avail to explore it in the best manner.

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