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Plan a Trip Across Europe

When you hear the word vacation, the various pictures of your earlier travels flash across your mind. They include both pleasant as well as unpleasant experiences as well.

Traveling abroad can be quite tiresome and irritating. First of all the flights are of long duration, you have to be sitting or reclining all the time. Besides the amount of noise in the airports and screaming, crying children wears one down.

Why not plan a   trip  across Europe by  euro  rail? They have the most amazing network of trains all across Europe and you can travel very cheap with euro rail passes. Some of the legs of journey like London to Paris is as cheap as $50. People are able to travel during weekends and also save money on accommodation.

It is a real pleasure to visit the recently done up St. Pancras Station at London and take the train to Paris and Brussels with Euro star services and enjoy unlimited speed.

If you think worry that you have to travel across many countries in Europe and that you will have to keep buying train tickets, there is no need to worry. You can buy euro rail cards for a certain amount and validity which allows you to travel through all of the trains on their particular line across several countries.

Very ideally you can land in London and take a super fast train to Paris and thereafter continue exploring routes that run between Munich to Madrid etc.

Look for passes that give you options of including ferry travel service from ports like Copenhagen. With euro rail passes there is so much more you can do by having to mix and match destinations in your it nary.

Many people prefer to take short journeys during daytime and take the long journey night trains, which offer sleeper births. One gets to share cabins with another fellow passenger and can spend the night peacefully without having to spend money on hotel stay. One can sleep peacefully without any disturbance.

On arrival at the new station, check out the next night train leaving for another country and then start with sight seeing without losing time and catch up with the day.