Fascinating Facts About Kovalam

Thirty years ago, Kovalam was just a fishing village with tropical beaches providing fresh fish and fruits. Today, Kovalam is a place for multimillion dollars of business a week, with tourists coming in from all parts of the world. The whole of Kovalam is so idyllic and beautiful and it will tempt you to explore the beaches once you land at this place. You will learn more facts about Kovalam as you read on. Located in the South Indian State of Kerala, Kovalam is quite famous for its beaches with scenic shores and a beautiful coastline. There are more than 3 crescent beaches which make up the whole of Kovalam.

The Lighthouse, Samudra and the Hawa beaches are the three crescents that make up the whole of Kovalam. Located at just about 16 km from the capital state of Kerala, Kovalam is easily accessible by any means of transport. The nearest airport is at Trivandrum and the railway station is also located at the same place. Buses ply regularly from this place to major cities in Kerala. Another interesting fact about Kovalam is the festivals that take place during the months between January to March. The whole town wears a festive look during this time!

There are a lot of temples, churches and mosques in Kovalam. The people are quite spiritual in this part of the world. Apart from the three beaches, Kovalam is quite well known for other reasons too. The Kovalam art gallery houses some rare artifacts, paintings and other art works. There is also a dam and a lighthouse which gives a good amount of work to your camera! Another interesting aspect about Kovalam is that its beaches are spick and span. Littering is strictly prohibited. You need to co-operate to keep the beaches clean and pleasant for everybody.

Though it is quite popularly visited by tourists throughout the year, the best time to visit Kovalam would be during the months from September to March. Everything about Kovalam is quite scenic and pleasant; reason being the weather that is quite cool with bright sunlight. Cultural activities take place on the shores in the evenings, displaying the local folk dances and showcasing their rich culture. Any tour would be incomplete without a shopping plunge. Shopping is one of the most entertaining leisure activities in Kovalam. Handicrafts and many stone carvings are available. The food is quite delicious with the famous fish curry; a staple food in this part of the world.

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