Grenoble and Orleans: Two French Cities Worth Visiting

About an hour and a half south of Paris lies the scenic French town of Orleans. Located on the Loire River, Orleans plays host to five interesting museums, including Joan of Arc’s house and a Natural Sciences Museum. There are eight separate beautiful parks located throughout the city, all of which are perfect for a romantic French picnic. The beautiful river was once a busy trading route, however now only large ships are able to make it as far as Nantes. Many of the boats that used to journey on the river are on display for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.

From Orleans, take your rental car over to quaint French cities like Montargis or Glen to stay in any of the local bed and breakfasts that are available. Maybe you will want to head over to Blois to visit the world famous Chateau de Blois, and walk on the winding pathways throughout the hilly city. Or head a little further west to Tours for some of the finest wines in the country and medieval sight seeing. Whatever your interests may be, Orleans will provide you with the access you need to get to larger cities or small towns, but is also filled with enough culture of it’s own to keep you feeling immersed.

Known as the capital of the French Alps, Grenoble is one of France’s most beautiful cities. Home to the 1968 Winter Olympics, athletes from all over the world still train here. Home to over 20 ski stations, Grenoble is a popular location year round for all kinds of people. The mountainous landscape is also filled with many abandoned mills and factories, attracting skiers of all kinds, day hikers, and photography buffs. Whatever your reason for coming here, you won’t want to leave without getting your fill of outdoor adventure!

Take a car rental in Grenoble to many of the ski areas located outside the city for some of the world’s best skiing! After you’ve had your share of the area, you could head north to visit beautiful Lake Geneva, in Switzerland, or even east and see Italy with your rental car in Grenoble. Wherever you’re off to, a car will give you the freedom you need to see more of France on your next European !

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