How to Attract Cancer Women – Zodiac Attraction Guide

This article will help you learn how to attract cancer women. Using your targets star sign is a very good move by you, and you’ll find that she’ll appreciate this once she finds out (after you’ve got her of course!). It’s important to understand that all women are different, no matter what star sign they are. You should keep in mind that confidence and reliability are 2 prerequisites before trying to seduce any lady.

Cancer women are generally a little moody. Treat them calmly and carefully, as they are known to be rather erratic. Take note that they are very sentimental, and treat “the small things” with great respect. That means they’ll appreciate every move you make, so watch out for any trip ups!

Though Cancer women tend to be quite emotional, don’t overdo it by being “soppy”. Listen to her, understand her, offer her advice, but never show her too much “softness” or you might fall into the “friend zone”.

Cancer women will appreciate you leading into conversation about family, childhood, old memories, and even things with fantastical elements. She’ll appreciate your open and creative nature. By getting close to her feelings, the Cancer woman will appreciate you more than if you make blatant sexual advances. Cancers are delicate.

Try to get her to tell you about her “wild side”, but don’t pry into her past sexual experiences. She’ll also appreciate you elaborating on yourself, but as usual, don’t go too far. Cancers use their eyes a lot, and the more she sees you, hears you, touches you, the more she’ll trust you and open up.

Be careful not to criticise her too much, as she may be very sensitive to criticism and judgment, even on playful terms. You’ll probably have an easier time getting her attention if you’re tall, strong, and confident. Cancer women like the feeling that they have a stable “rock” to lean on.

Remember that even though she is a Cancer, all women share many common attributes and are attracted in similar ways. There are plenty of online resources that will help you alter your style to generally be more attractive.

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