How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger When Wearing a Dress

When wearing a dress you would of course like to get a nice body shape and maybe show off your feminine curves a little. If you think that your butt is not big enough, read on and learn how to make your butt bigger when wearing a dress.

I will also give you a few tips on how you can make your butt grow bigger, rounder and sexier.

To make your butt look bigger when wearing a dress you can for example put on high heeled shoes. They change your body posture and put your butt out thus making it appear bigger and rounder. A tight fitting dress will also maximize the curves you do have and make them more noticeable.

Padded underwear is another idea, they will make your butt appear bigger and nobody will notice you are wearing them unless they put a hand on your backside.

If you are really bothered by the size of your butt you should maybe consider making it bigger.

This is not too difficult and can be achieved in 6-8 weeks. One of the key factors to obtaining a bigger, rounder butt is exercise. Exercises particularly targeting the buttocks are the most effective.

There are plenty of effective exercises that can be performed at home, with little or no equipment. If you workout 3 or 4 times a week you will soon see results and your butt will be rounder and firmer.

Another idea could be to join a gym. Then you can get professional help with your exercises and you will also have access to a lot of equipment. Many gyms also have special classes for abdominals and buttocks. It will also be stimulating seeing other people working out and it will motivate you to keep going. Finally if you can’t join a gym you can get great results working out at home.

Diet is also important so eat healthy natural food and increase the amount of protein a little. Protein can be found in fish, meat, milk and eggs but also in many vegetables. Avoid junk food, it will make you fat and unhealthy and the fat is unlikely to go where you want it.

Which brings us to our last point. Adding fat to your booty will give it a lot more volume and a rounder, sexier shape. There is actually a way to do this without adding fat to the rest of your body. This in combination with strong muscles will give you the butt you desire.

The Truth About WannaCry (Ransomware That Infected Britain’s NHS & Others)

WannaCry started infecting machines on May 12 2017, being downloaded onto a Windows computer and subsequently encrypting the files it requires to run.

Whilst this type of infection is not new, the sheer scale of WannaCry lead it to be headline news in many countries around the world, especially Britain where it lead the National Health Service (NHS) to suspend a number of services, including operations.

The infection wasn’t particularly sophisticated and certainly wasn’t some new super virus that will bring down the world’s computing infrastructure… however, it did highlight a more brazen approach by hackers to demand money up front for their crimes. In this case, the sum of $300-worth of bitcoin was demanded to decrypt the infected machines.

In this article, I will explain how this virus worked and what you can do to both protect your system and ensure you don’t get the infection on your own machine.

What Is WannaCry?

The origin of WannaCRY is still unknown.

However, as is the case with most of these infections, states such as Russia (I’m sorry to say because the Russian people are generally very cultured), China or such places as Nigeria, North Korea, Libya etc are often cited as potential sources.

It will take the likes of the FBI some time to determine the specific source of the infection, until then we’ll just have to speculate as to who wrote it and why.

It must be stated that the infection was indiscriminate in who it targeted. Russia was particularly badly hit, as was a large number of multinational companies, one of whom in France had to close their factories to remove the virus. I’ll explain how this happened in a second.

To give you a brief explanation, WannaCry is a “ransomware” virus. This is a type of “malware” (malicious software) application which – when installed – will block access to many core aspects of your system and prevent you from being able to access your files.

Computer viruses come in many forms. Malware is a particularly stubborn type because they often evade detection from antivirus applications – posing as legitimate tools that you may wish to download onto your system. Obviously, you discover their true intentions too late.

Malware can only be removed by actively removing the files that it uses to run (it’s just standard software which runs like all the other programs you have).

The problem with WannaCRY is that since it encrypts the user’s files, it can be very difficult to undo any of the damage that it causes. This is why backing up your data, especially with some sort of “cloud” data system is so strongly recommended.

Why Did It Spread So Far?

Whilst WannaCRY is obviously a terrible infection, the main reason I am writing about it is because of how widely it spread.

The following are some of the more high-profile victims:

  • NHS
    Hundreds of hospitals across UK suffered a massive outage in the wake of the infection with the administration being forced to delay or even cancel surgeries and X-rays of a large number of patients.
  • Telefonica
    The Spanish telephone giant said it was attacked.
  • Renault
    The French automobile giant was hit, forcing it to halt production at sites in France and its factory in Slovenia as part of measures to stop the spread of the virus
  • Deutsche Bahn
    The German train operator was hit as travellers tweeted pictures of hijacked departure boards showing the ransom demand instead of train times. The company, insisted train services were unaffected.
  • FedEx
    The US package delivery group acknowledged it had been hit.
  • Nissan
    The firm’s manufacturing plant in Sunderland (UK) was affected.
  • Hitachi
    … said that its email service was hit, and that some of its staff were unable to access attachments or send and receive messages.

The reason for the spread was how WannaCRY targeted its victims.

This particular infection was designed to target an exploit in Windows XP, Vista and 7 systems which had not been updated.

Specifically, a network infection vector called EternalBlue was released by a hacker group the month before. This was used by the CIA to hack into older Windows systems. This vulnerability was open on millions of systems still running older versions of XP, Vista or Windows 7. This is how the virus was able to infect such a large number of systems.

In terms of how the virus found its way into the networks that it did… the key lies in the way the virus is spread. Malware is not like typical virus infections – it has to be downloaded manually by the user. It cannot just install itself.

As such, viruses such as WannaCRY end up being sent to users via phishing emails (fake emails which purport to be from the likes of Paypal or a bank).

Clicking onto a fake email, or downloading an insecure link, would then lead the virus to be installed onto the system. It’s my guess that the infection was sent to a large email list, the recipients of which then downloaded the infection, causing the damage it did.

Current Status

As with many infections, remedies are often created and implemented.

In the case of WannaCRY, several things happened.

Firstly, a British spyware technician was able to locate a “killswitch”. This was a web domain which when registered prompted the software to stop spreading.

The point of the killswitch was to allow the creators to determine a “quarantine” zone to test the virus. They would just add the domain to their test machines to ensure they could control when the infection struck. By registering the domain in real life, the technician essentially made almost all the infections cease to spread.

Secondly, Microsoft released an update to Windows XP, Vista and 7 users. This is despite the fact that Microsoft had publicly announced its dropping of support for Windows XP several years ago. Shows the importance of keeping your system up to date.

As of the end of May 2017, the majority of large organizations who were affected have updated their systems. Many in the security community are working to determine the source and scope of the infection, and I believe there are a number of tools available to fix it.

How To Protect Your Systems

The big lesson from this was that you must keep your system up to date.

The only reason why WannaCRY was such a wide infection was because of how it exploited a backdoor that was open on millions of systems around the world.

For example, there were many NHS systems still running XP even though support for it had ended.

Apart from updating your system, there are a number of other considerations to look at:

  1. Ensure your system’s antivirus protection is adequate
  2. Download and install an adequate anti-malware tool
  3. NEVER download attachments from emails you don’t know
  4. NEVER download programs from websites you don’t know the origin of
  5. ALWAYS double check if in doubt

In terms of WannaCry itself – if you are running the latest version of Windows, preferably Windows 10, you should be okay. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remain vigilant, but the targets for WannaCRY were pretty specific.

Long Strange Trip

It has been more of an amazing trip than a strange one. I could go all the way back to my childhood and relive all the old pains. Why would I do that? For today, I’m just going to go back three years to 2014.

It all started when I woke up one morning and my hands were in severe pain and looked like I had been hitting a wall all night. I lived with the pain and the swelling for nearly two weeks, until it got to the point that I couldn’t open a jug of milk without using channel lock pliers to help me.

The doctor ordered blood tests and my mind began racing. I convinced myself that I had cancer. Within 24 hours, I found out that it was “only” my heart – that I didn’t have cancer. I was so happy! No cancer! Just my heart.

That’s how scared I was of cancer. Having open heart surgery is pretty serious stuff but I didn’t care because I didn’t have cancer. Ten days after my surgery, I had a check-up and within two hours, I was readmitted back into the hospital.

I had internal bleeding. After the bleeding was controlled I had a colonoscopy and found out that I had two feet in my colon that were covered with polyps. They ranged in size from peas to golf ball. Instead of removing all the polyps, the surgeon removed the two feet of my colon and sewed me back up. And once again, I waited in fear, wondering if it was cancer. And once again, I got the good news that it wasn’t cancer.

As I healed from these surgeries, I began to feel good about the future. I had plans to move to England and I now knew I had a clean bill of health. My heart was strong and better than ever and most importantly I didn’t have cancer.

In 2016, I left America and made the journey across the pond. I found a job within a month and for the first year everything was going great. It was when 2017 started that things took a turn. I developed a sore throat and it never wanted to go away. I went to the GP and was given antibiotics to help with tonsillitis. After the ten day treatment, I felt a bit better but still had some pain swallowing. I was given a second round of antibiotics and told if it wasn’t better in a week to stop back in.

After a week, the GP sent me to an ENT, who did some tests and he believed it was cancer. It still didn’t mean much to me. I just didn’t feel like I had cancer. I had surgery to remove the tonsil and to get a biopsy. This time the results did say cancer. My worst fears had become a reality.

My wife and I went to The Christie Cancer Centre. The number one cancer centre in Europe was practically in our backyard. I would have radiation and Cetuximab. Cetuximab is given like other chemo drugs, but it isn’t a chemo drug in the sense of the word. It belongs to a group of cancer drugs known as monoclonal antibodies. These drugs are sometimes called targeted therapies… It may also make the cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I was feeling confident with it all. Having been a caretaker for my ex-wife(breast cancer) I knew how chemo made her quite ill and very weak, while radiation didn’t seem to bother her as much. After three weeks of radiation I was spent. I was defeated and very weak. I no longer could eat and just speaking became a major chore.

I wanted to quit. I wanted to walk away from it all and just live for however long I had. The specialists wouldn’t have that and admitted me to the hospital where I would finish my treatment. When it was done. I went home and suffered the after effects for over a month. My neck was burnt and skin just fell off the right side of my face. From my lips, to the cheekbone, to my neck, my skin was burnt and everything I did was a new experience in pain.

As that began to get better, my tongue started to swell and swallowing became a new experience in pain. Now four months since treatment ended, my tongue is still tender but now I no longer use pain pills like I once did. The swallowing is still a challenge and at times I can choke on food quite easily.

Six weeks after treatment ended I went back to work in a bakery dispatch. It was very physical labour, but I managed and never complained and worked my ten hour shifts just like everyone else. I only wanted one shift a week until I built my strength back up, but after two weeks I wanted something new. So I applied for a job at Piccadilly in Manchester and was hired at the carpark working security.

At the beginning of May I went to see the oncologist and received news that a recent scan and bloodwork showed no signs of cancer. He said he couldn’t say “cured” (that takes five years) but he is confident about a cancer free future for me.

The last week of October, I learned I had cancer. Seven months later I am cancer free. I am back to work, at a new job, averaging 36 hours a week. While the timeline says everything has happened quite quickly, the truth is it has been a long strange trip…

Forex Cheat (How You Can Cheat Forex Safely and Legally With Autopilot Software)

The global forex market is the largest financial market in the world. The daily transaction in the market totals up to 3.5 trillion USD. There are some popular myths about forex trading. The first one is the process is extremely difficult and complex, and you need to have mathematical and analytical brain to earn some profit from your investment. The second is you need to personally attend the trades to maximize your chances of profit. All these advise you can simply ignore if you have a forex autopilot software like Forex Tracer, Forex Raptor, or Forex Killer with you. These forex robots can be expressed as your legitimate and completely ethical means to earn money from forex.

Before going into the details of earning we must know how these forex autopilots work and why the profit you earn using them is legally safe. These autopilots in most of the cases are designed by forex consultants and experts who have years of experience and exclusive personalized trade secrets for their forex trading. With slightest of the market movement or a tiniest dip in the currency analysis curve they can sniff what is coming up. After a while, they become experts in predicting and speculating market trends that come true in majority of the incidents. Their experience when combined with software programs turn out to be the deadly combination, which works behind the forex autopilots. So, when you buy the software you trade just like the expert trader who designed the system and therefore there is nothing unlawful about its use.

As the systems are highly mechanical in nature, they can repeat the trades again and again without feeling tired like a human trader. The software cannot take wrong decision as well, if not forced to do so. It can take on multiple trades in the same market or in more than one trading markets. You can set the software work as a day trader or a scalper, or a carry-on trader in the forex spot market. In other words, your forex autopilot software is free to take independent decision as you ask it to do. You need to keep the software running and attend your own preoccupations. The automatic program will select the trade to enter, when to enter, when to exit, and how to place the stop-loss limits. Depending on the setting the software will freely review the market situation to locate upcoming trends to alter the strategy.

The situation is even more in your favor if you have previous trading experience. Then you can ask your autopilot how you want it to trade, and it does it, mechanically, without ever failing because of human psychological factors. The more you stay away from your terminal the better the chances are for you. You can test different parameters like different currency pairs and trading strategies to finalize the winning combination and lawfully earn huge profit from your forex trading.

Travel Photography – A New Take

‘Travel Photography’ is the way in which we go about recording our travels so that we can revisit and share our experiences time and time again… and really enjoy each revisit!

Why do we take photographs when we are on holiday… ?

… because we would like to remember where we have been and what we did…

The Digital Age

Now that we have the wonder of digital we can take any number of pictures at no cost which means that we will return from our holiday with cameras and hard drives full of hundreds of images!

What do we normally do with all these pictures?

We can leave them just as they are scattered across a series of drives – we plan to spend time sorting them out (there are lots of duplicates!) and will get around to it soon. In reality, for many of us, this is as far as we get. As there are just so many pictures, we never actually look at them as it is too much effort! In addition, all the duplicates and look-alikes are irritating and add to our sense of frustration and perhaps our slight feeling of guilt.

Or we may do a really quick sort to get it out of the way – rush, click, rush, click and get the collection down to a manageable size. We don’t do much really careful selection and, generally, spend almost no time at all correcting any flaws.

We look at this selection sporadically but always feel that it doesn’t really do justice to our holiday!

Or else we plan our holiday pictures and then spend time selecting them carefully – we can start this while we are still away – starting to turn them into a delightful holiday production…

The whole plan is to make sure that we get full value from our holiday!

We want to be able to re-visit special places and really enjoy doing this time and again… we also would like to be able to share them with our friends…

… this can be a sensitive subject!

Why do we find that other people’s holiday pictures quickly become boring?

Before answering this question we need to take a look at our own old holiday pictures. Trying to be objective and taking away any emotive memories we must ask ourselves… ‘… did I really do justice to everything we experienced?’

If we are cautious about accepting invitations to view other people’s holiday pictures – what do they feel about ours?

You want pictures that are YOUR pictures. Pictures that really reflect what you saw and what you felt – you don’t want postcard clones. You need to take the time to plan what you are doing. Not to just take the first picture you see and then move on…

You are actually trying to freeze a slice of life as you see it…

… your objective should be to put together a Travel Show covering your holiday. It needs to be fun to do and then fun to watch. For both you and your friends!

You need to regard it as a recipe with a whole range of ingredients…

… you should have your basic framework in mind as you travel and start to collect pictures that you can use in all the different categories. Having an informal structure to your photography can increase your enjoyment considerably. Because you are actively looking for different types of pictures, you will actually see far more of your destinations than the casual visitor.

Do not become paranoiac! This is supposed to be for enjoyment!!

The sort of categories that you might look for include..









people… places…








At Night


These will depend on what you would like to include – again, planning the outline of your travel show can add significantly to the enjoyment of your trip planning.

The key, as always, is what do you want to achieve? Having decided this, you can then spend just as much time as you would like developing your travel show.

Approaching your holiday photography in this way can add a whole new level of enjoyment to your holiday and provide an extra bonus as you enjoy your holiday again and again.

What Are the Pros and Cons in Trading Forex Options?

More and more traders are choosing to trade forex options. This is because they manage to weigh the pros and cons and they find that the former far outweighs the latter. Currency options is an agreement or a contract between the option buyer and the seller that gives the buyer the right, with no underlying obligation, to buy or sell an option. It is the buyer that dictates the strike price and the expiry date of it. If the expiration date comes, the buyer may choose to exercise his option and buy the currency or he may opt to just let the option expire worthless. All he needs to pay for is the premium.

Given this definition, forex option trading indeed poses many advantages over some of the financial instruments used in various exchanges. Some of the said advantages are the limited risk involve in this transaction, the unlimited potential for earnings, the low up-front cash requirement, the flexibility feature provided to the trader, the possibility to use the option as a hedge over other positions to limit risk and the provision of many choices for SPOT options.

Just as there are pros, there are also a few cons in currency option trading. The premium assigned to it may vary according to the option’s date and strike price making the reward as well as the risk ratio also vary. Once the trader purchases a SPOT option, he may not change his mind to sell it. Predicting the scenario for a good time and date for the option may not be an easy task. Lastly, this is sometimes taken as going against the odds. Other than these, nothing bad can be said about currency option transactions.

Metatrader 4 Expert Advisors – Why The Banks Don’t Use Them!


There’s a widespread myth in Forex trading circles that Metatrader 4 expert advisors don’t work, after all if the did, then wouldn’t the big banks and hedge funds sack their entire trading department and replace them with Metatrader expert advisors instead? While it’s true that large financial institutions don’t trade with the commercial automatic Forex trading systems available on the market, it’s not because they don’t work. There’s a reason why this opportunity is “unwanted” by the major players, and by the end of this article, you’ll know how you can profit from this little known fact.

Why The Big Banks And Hedge Funds Don’t Use Metatrader 4 Expert Advisors

Typically, the large financial institutions like banks and hedge funds trade with hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars at a time. Obviously, the biggest issue for these big players is liquidity, because they would be taking thousands of contracts at a time, and that’s just for one of them. When you consider the effect of all of them buying and selling at once, you can imagine just how hard it is for them to get a good price without drastically moving the market.

The problem that most big banks and hedge funds encounter with liquidity is good news for small individual traders, because it represents an opportunity to get into favorable positions that they can’t. That’s because individual Forex traders can enter and exit the market at will without “paying” any pips in slippage (getting a worse price due to poor execution). Good Metatrader 4 expert advisors add to the advantage of the small Forex trader even further, because it gives them a proven edge in the markets.

How You Can Profit From This “Unwanted” Opportunity

The large financial institutions can’t possibly dream of using Metatrader 4 expert advisors to profit from the Forex markets, because it would be impossible for them to enter and exit their positions at the right prices. That’s why they don’t “want” this opportunity, because the typical Metatrader 4 expert advisor can only handle a million dollars before slippage becomes a problem. So if you have less than a million dollars in capital to trade, then this is a huge opportunity for you to profit in the place of the big banks and hedge funds.

Most small Forex traders don’t profit from their Forex trading, because they don’t have a proven edge in the market. They wrongly believe that Metatrader 4 expert advisors don’t work, and as a result they try to do their own trading, with disastrous results. You can use this inside knowledge to your advantage by identifying a profitable Metatrader 4 expert advisor, and utilizing that edge to shortcut your way to Forex trading success!

The Easy Way to Make Piles of Money by Skimming Forex Robot Reviews

There are thousands of forex robot reviews on the Internet. It can be hard to dig through them, and figure out which are honest and which are self-serving. Many people write fake reviews to try to get you to buy the robots.

Luckily, you don’t have to believe them. Just because they say something doesn’t mean it’s true. You’re simply going to use their review as a guide. You can verify their conclusions with only a little bit of work.

Here’s how you can do that…

Go to a forex broker and open a demo account that allows forex robots (expert advisors). There are many of them online, and you might want to try several until you find one you like.

You are going to be testing lots of robots, so you don’t want a broker that is difficult to deal with. Find one that you’re comfortable with.

After you’ve found a good broker, read through the reviews. When you find a robot you want to try, go to the sales page. Make sure that they offer a money-back guarantee.

Most of them offer at least an 8 weeks guarantee. This means that if the robot doesn’t work as advertised, you can get your money back.

After you buy the robot, set it up in your demo account and let it trade for you. You might want to invest in a virtual private server (VPS) so that you don’t have to leave your computer on 24 hours a day. This program runs on your broker’s computer and hosts the robot for you. That way you don’t have to install it on your home PC.

Let the robot trade for you for a few weeks, until you’re sure it’s doing a good job. Then you should test the robot with a live account. Don’t risk a lot of money. Many robots will trade profitably in a demo account, but fall apart when unleashed on a live account.

Remember to only let a robot trade with money you can afford to lose. Don’t let a computer program trade your retirement nest egg.

Finally, remember that not all forex robot reviews are equal. Find some reviewers you can trust, and this will make your life easier.

The Meaning of XING

When my wife and I took our first trip to California before we moved here, we saw a large population of Asian Americans in San Francisco. We had come West from Massachusetts, partly because the state we lived in felt like it was still attached to a round world, and we were seeking the new flat world.

California fit that more modern heterogeneous model of a flat world state.

As we were driving down to Big Sur, we passed a number of schools where the crosswalk had the letters “XING” stenciled onto the roadway in large white letters.

After seeing them a number of times, I turned to my wife and said “See all those “XING” words in the crosswalks?”

“Yes I have,” she answered “and I’ve been wondering what they mean.”

Now by nature, and hopefully nurture as well, I am not a nasty person prone to pranks or wisecracks, put-downs or practical jokes. But for some reason I couldn’t resist. Maybe the devil made me do it …

“Well “XING” is Chinese for “Be Careful”. It tells all the Asian American kids who can’t speak good English yet that they need to watch out when they cross the road.”

“That’s really nice. I knew I liked California, they would never do something like that back home.”

“That’s right,” I told her. “Only in California.”

For the rest of the trip, every time we passed a school and drove across a crosswalk, we would sing in unison “XING” (sounds like Shing, only hold the end for a few seconds).

Until she finally figured it out. “XING”was nothing more than a shortened version of “CROSSING”, like Xmas is a shortened version of Christmas.

After that trip, whenever one of us would fake the other one out, the Faker had the right to say “XING”, as in “Gotcha”, to the Fakee.

Now what on earth, flat or round, does this have to do with Internet Copywriting?


If you’ve read this far, you were hooked by the story. And if I was selling “XING” soap or, more likely, a “XING” web marketing scam, you might be well on your way to becoming one of The Converted.

So here’s the lesson and the real meaning of “XING”.

Great or even good storytelling is one of the most powerful and seductive ways a Copywriter can take control of your mind. So be careful where you put your brain.

If you let a great Copywriter lead you down the garden path, if you give your self over to someone’s compelling story, before you know it you’ll be hitting that “Buy Now” button.

Then again, it might just be worth it to pay for the entertainment.

P.S. I’d also bet you won’t forget the new meaning of “XING” for a long time.

P.P.S. I also know that if you tried to sing it the way I told you, you’ll probably hear it inside your head the next time you drive across a crosswalk marked “XING”.

A Review of One of the Best Forex Trading Signals Providers

Becoming a member of a Forex trading signal service provider can be a valuable tool, especially for a beginner in the currency trading market. But before you make that decision, it is important for you to search for the best provider of this service. Integrity, professionalism, transparency, reputation and proven track record should be the important criteria in your selection process.

There are many Forex trading signal providers out there. Some are reliable and others are not. Some unscrupulous service providers engage in misleading information and performance record. The service can be obtained from Forex brokers for free or for a reasonable subscription fee, one time or on a monthly basis. The price varies depending on the benefits and services provided.

Forex signal providers with high review ratings are FX Day Trader, Turning Signals, FX Solutions, Huskins, IFXPro, FXDM, Forex Ring Leader, 4X Formula, 4X Lounge, Rise Forex, Forex Watchers, Premium Forex Signals, Virite FX, TOP Forex Signals, Pip Boxer, Forex Pro Indicator, Forex System, True FX Signals, FX Trade Freedom and Zonod Forex Signals.

In this article, lets us just focus on the profile and features of one of them, 34 This company claims to have an average of 1000 pips on every single month of trading operation since 2009. Their Forex trading signals are easy to follow and you get them only twice a day every 12 hours. Their users are already more than 3,000 traders. The signals they provide can reach similar outcome with that of their live accounts. They are easy to follow which attracts many investors and traders. To help you get started, you can register for free to their Forex signal. You will get daily updates and an automated tradecopier EA available.

Some members’ reviews come from Roberto of Milano, Italy who says, “Thanks to the 35 pip team – your signals are great and honest. I love them and use the Forex signal together with my trading strategies.” Another member, Borris from Moscow has this to say, “Great Forex signals and great service. Thanks to Pet Chan and his team for everything.” Andrej from Poland comments, “35 pip is providing a service that is honest. I had one question and the support was answering fast. Thumbs up for this great Forex signal service.” Here is another positive review from another user, Andy Rosko from Renton, WA, USA. He says, “I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your signal service. You are men of integrity and very professional. I was skeptical at first but have grown to trust and admire your word and work. Great SMS and email alerts system. Thank you very much.”

There are many more positive reviews and testimonials from the subscribers. What is fascinating about their alerts system is its simplicity, practicality and winnability. It is a 100% mechanical system featuring an effective management of profits and losses feature and you can try it out under a 30 days money back guarantee offer.

Their Forex signals are the result of many sophisticated and cutting edge tools using technical indicators, support and resistance study, Bollinger bands, market volatility, trend setting and momentum. As a trader, you can bank on its performance record. Rely on accurate entry and exit points, over 1600 pips per month with only 1 unfortunate drawdown since 2003 and no automation. It is purely a mechanical stuff. Signals are sent by SMS and email for free. They claim to be the only signal provider using real time indicators. This group started in March, 2003 in the Forex market and made good money. After a few months, they put up the web site with some professional traders with a combined 25 years of experience in the business. They now have around 3,000 members around the world and still counting.

Based on their credentials, proven track performance and growth, it appears that what they are offering is perceived by many to be among the best in providing Forex trading signals in the world. It is up to you to take this calculated risk and try it out. With the right mindset, you may have stumbled into a group who is enthusiastic and sincere in helping you make real profits in the currency trading business!