4 Advantages of a Wealth Creation Strategy

It is impossible to create wealth if you do not have a strategy, and a good one at that. You may get rich from making wise decisions, from being at the right place at the right time or for other reasons, but you will not be wealthy. The difference between those who accumulate great wealth and those who struggle throughout life is having a good strategy.

You will have a blueprint

The greatest reason you should have a wealth creation strategy is that you will have a plan. Without a plan, you will be getting money and you will be investing it in the wrong places or misusing it. With the right wealth creation strategy, you can determine what works and what does not. This means you do not need to spend years on something, only to realize that it has a low potential. You should improve the strategy over time by learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, by trial and error and by gaining knowledge every day – stick to the same strategy, it will pay off after some years.

You will have a laid down path to follow

Good wealth creation strategies are those that have been used by successful people in the past. Although a strategy should be tailor-made to match your specific needs, you should borrow heavily from a proven strategy. Having a strategy that has been used by other people successfully means you will have a path to follow and you could end up just like them.

It keeps you in check

A strategy will reflect your passion and vision. It is therefore important to have a strategy because as the years pass, you may get too comfortable and forgot your passion and vision – a strategy therefore keeps you in check. A strategy also keeps your employees in check if you have an organization because they will know your goals and objective and they will be working towards them every day.

Prevention and resolution of future problems

Having a good strategy is a good way of preventing and resolving future problems. Many problems will occur as you try to create wealth, but good strategies usually have preventive measures for such problems and when they do occur, strategies guide you on what to do.

"DIP A OUMA": Ouma Rusks – A South African Culinary Heritage

Elizabeth Ann Greyvenstein from the farm Friedenham, known as Ouma Nannie, hauled out a family recipe for rusks, and went about baking a batch. She then sold them at the next Church bazaar, and within minutes, the delicious rusks were snapped up by eager shoppers, and that is when the orders started pouring in.

Soon after that, Ouma Nannie’s rusks were available at the various community social occasions and sporting events. Her Son cleverly saw the opportunity to test the demand for his Mom’s delicacy, and went on a national road trip, taking the rusks with him and promoting them. He returned with loads of orders, and went about turning the family barn into a rusk factory, equipping it with home-made rusk dryers and clay ovens

Nannie first sold her rusks under the brand Uitspan, then Outspan. Eventually they became Ouma Rusks. Eventually they became Ouma Rusks. When the Greyvensteyns needed bigger premises, Ouma Nannie applied for a loan of R3 000 from the newly created Industrial Development Corporation. Her husband was well-respected, and became mayor of Molteno for a record-breaking 21 years.

The barn at Friedenheim became a factory which unfortunately burnt down in 1952. A new, better one was built in its place – probably a good thing, because by then the little farm outside Molteno was something of a player in the dry foods market.

To this day, the legendary Ouma rusks are still being baked at Friedenham Farm. In winter it seems, the whole of South Africa wants to wrap its collective hands around a cup of coffee and dip an Ouma.

The business became the little town’s most recognised industry and employs the most staff within a 150km radius. Ouma Nannie kept her hand on the business for many years, and sadly passed away in 1989 at the ripe old age of 98 years.

Ouma rusks are now still enjoyed daily, especially with that first morning cuppa. Key ingredients which give Ouma Rusks their unique flavour, include wheat flour, orange and lemon peel, raisins, peanuts, oats, coconut, vanilla and honey. The product is available in stores throughout South Africa and is also found on shelves in stores for South African expatriates overseas. South Africans around the world yearn for and enjoy the well known Ouma Rusks.

Some 80 years later, the legend of Ouma Rusks lives on, every morning, with that first cup of coffee…

Ouma Rusks are legendary, in fact they have so much history that they have become part of South Africa’s culinary heritage.

6 Things You Want to Known Before Volunteering Abroad

Follow this ultimate guide with 7 tips to know before volunteering abroad and you’ll be ready for anything:

#1: After completion, volunteering won’t guarantee you a visa, or a job:

There are a lot of volunteers who come abroad thinking they will get hired after or get help extending their visa. Make sure you don’t lose track of the expiration date of your tourist visa. If you really have the desire of staying longer, inquire with your programme to know what the options are for getting a more permanent work permit. You may have to make some quick trips to the embassy to fill out the necessary forms. There are always chances that they will hire you, but don’t rely on that too much.

#2: Things can be very bad, worse than you think.

A lot of programmes mention something often referred to as “culture shock”. You may think that you saw it all, but you probably didn’t. Often when volunteering, you witness things you never thought you would have to see. You may see first-hand emaciated children sleeping on cars at night, or things that make you realize what true famine really is. This obviously is no reason for not doing it, but be prepared.

#3: You won’t change the world.

You may think that you’ll change the place where you’re going. You can and will definitely help a lot, but thinking that you’ll change the world with a couple weeks or months of volunteering is very naive. Accepting this fact can take a while, and is no reason to not volunteer abroad. Every little bit you help is great and you’ll help a lot. Just prepare yourself for what you might see and be prepared to leave without having solved all the problems in that place.

#4: Volunteering can make you see sides of yourself you never knew existed

There are high chances that you will have confrontations with extreme situations. Those situations can make you feel vulnerable and even make you cry or break down. Try to put a positive spin on the situation. How you react in these situations can help you learn a lot about yourself. For example, you can find your love for children while struggling to teach English at a primary school. You can realize you are very good at helping people with disabilities when faced with helping someone that needs you. Getting to know yourself while exploring a foreign culture is part of the process. Be prepared to look within.

#5: You don’t need to pay for a volunteer placement:

There are a lot of programs that offer you a placement to volunteer abroad, however you need to pay a significant amount of money to get them. These kinds of programs are great and help support you a lot by helping you create networks, choosing the right International health insurance for you and giving you a decent place to sleep. However, there are endless programs that provide the same benefits to you without asking you for any money. Do extensive research before selecting a program.

#6: Despite everything, you will miss it afterwards.

Volunteering abroad is an experience that will leave strong imprints on you. You will be put in uncomfortable positions, asked to make heartbreaking decisions and live without food or hygiene you’re used to. But you won’t stop thinking on some things that you had seen and those are the best lessons of all.

Should You Buy Coins That Used ANACS Coin Grading?

Here are the raw Facts about Anacs Coin Grading

Anacs is the oldest of all the coin grading companies. It was started by the American Numismatics Association (ANA) back in 1972. The ANA recognized that something needed to be done about all the counterfeit and altered coins that were floating around. FYI: PCGS started serving the public in 1986 and NGC was formed in 1987.

Anacs did something the others didn’t want to do

When the coin grading companies were first formed, all of them only graded older coins. Anacs was the first of the coin grading companies to start grading modern issue coins. Pcgs and Ngc mocked this move and both stated they would never, ever, grade modern issue coins. When the public starting buying millions and millions of dollars worth of modern issue coins, to start and or complete less expensive and more attainable sets, Pcgs and Ngc quickly changed their tune.

Why does Anacs coin grading get scrutinized?

If you talk to a coin dealer, a small percentage of them will tell you they don’t like Anacs coin grading. Why is that? Well, it all has to do with HSN, the Home shopping network.

Mike Mezack, Master presenter and Salesman

Mike Mezack is the number one salesman of coins in the world. With career sales of over $1 billion, he has dominated the numismatic coin industry for 20 years. This created a rough relationship with dealers but a wonderful relationship with collectors. Coin dealers saw Mike sell on home shopping and realized that people that may buy at their shops were now buying from the comfort of their home. This realization did not make Mike their best friend. Last year, in a very tough economy, Mike Mezack worked 8 hours a month on HSN and sold over $125 million worth of collectible coins. The majority of coins that Mike sells have been through Anacs coin grading. This made some dealers associate Anacs with Mike and the loss of sales. Despite Anacs having a board member on the actual ANA board, dealers retaliated by saying Anacs was not as good as PCGS and NGC.

Well, which of the coin grading companies are the right pick?

In reality, all three of them. Why? Because they call carry the exact same guarantee. If you receive an Anacs, Pcgs, or NGC MS70 coin, they come with a guarantee that it is a perfect coin and if you determine it is not and was graded perfectly in error, you return it and either get your money back or get a new coin. This is the same exact policy for all three companies.

What do I buy?

I buy all three, I actually only buy gold and silver numismatic coins as I love the idea of having both numismatic and metal price in my collection. I only buy from the the big three coin grading companies and suggest you do the same.

Benefits of Digital Currency

If you are a technology reader, you know about the new type of currency that has been created. You may have read about Bitcoin for instance. If you have not gone into the details, you may be asking yourself questions about the benefits of this digital currency. If you have no idea about it, you should read this article.

The Benefits of Digital Currency

Inexpensive transactions

The transaction fees with digital currency are a lot lower than the transactions made with PayPal or credit cards. At times, you don’t have to pay any transaction fee. So, this saves you plenty of money.

No fees for international transfers

Since digital money is used on the Net, no borders are involved. Typically, you have to pay fees should you want to send money abroad, which excludes the costs for currency conversion. On the other hand, sending digital currency to anywhere in the world costs nothing. You will pay nothing as long as you can wait for a while for the currency to be sent.

No Account fees

Today, most banks charge their clients a fee on a monthly basis. At times, some banks also charge hidden fees from time to time. As a matter of fact, anyone can sign up for a free digital wallet online without paying any fees or hidden charges.

Simple account creation

You know that opening an account with a bank is a laborious process since you have to provide a lot of personal details, such as address and identity proof. Aside from this, they carry out backgrounds checks as well.

On the other hand, you can create a currency account without providing personal details as long as you don’t want to benefit from a service that asks for personal details. And the beauty of the system is that it offers 100% acceptance rate. All you have to do is open the digital currency site on your computer or mobile phone and then create the account. You don’t have to go to the office of a company for account creation. Within a few minutes, the account will be created.

It’s an Investment

The conventional form of money tends to lose its value with the passage of time because of several factors, such as inflation. However, the digital currency is a form of investment. Most types of currency features a fixed period upon the creation of new coins.

When more and more people go for digital currency, the demand goes up. As a result, the value of your digital money goes up. This is kind of the return on your investment. So, you don’t have to go to a rich country just to see the value of your money go up. Since the digital currency is growing at a rapid pace, the number of users is increasing. So, it’s the right time to make the investment and reap the benefits.

The takeaway

So, if you have been looking forward to investing in digital currency, we suggest that you re-read this article again. Hopefully, you will be able to get the most out of your investment down the road.

Where Are the Women in Tech?

According to the National Center for Women Information Technology (NCWIT), the U.S. Department of Labor estimated that 1.4 million computer related jobs would be available in the U.S. between 2010-2020. At current graduation rates for Information Technology, we can expect to fill only 32% of those jobs with U.S. Information Technology graduates. The NCWIT further states that although women hold about 57% of professional occupations in the U.S., only 26% of computing occupations are held by women. Even worse, only 3% of those jobs are held by African-American women, 5% by Asian women, and only 2% by Hispanic/Latino women.

The computing industry is failing to attract women to the field and sadly retention is poor. Women are leaving the industry at staggering rates, according to the NCWIT. Overall, the number of people graduating with computer or information science degrees has been steadily decreasing since 2004. There is a severe shortage of talent in IT. Salaries for.net programming and other popular technologies are the highest ever and the need for developers is rising. Companies are in near crisis mode as they fight to retain and attract IT talent. American women with computer science degrees can help fill some of these gaps.

Personally, I have been a woman in IT since the late 70’s when I graduated with a business degree and the MIS Manager at the company I worked for noticed I had programming on my resume. At the time, I was only making a summer pit-stop before pursuing further education in interior design. Struggling with a shortage of programmers even at that time, I was made a very lucrative offer as a full-time programmer, which I accepted. I never thought I would stay in the field, but as the years wore on I realized I was destined for a career in IT. Oddly, it wasn’t my passion but the money was good and the opportunities were like none other for a woman in the 80’s.

The software development career path led me to work with managers and co-workers in a highly male dominated field. Even from a client perspective, all upper management and power lunches that I was included in featured a roundtable of suited men with one petite suited woman – me. I never actually thought much about it. My opinions and work were always highly respected. The knowledge of software and the creation of highly necessary business programming provided a “20 something” woman with opportunities that I could have never had in most other fields. Besides being highly compensated, the work was challenging and I worked with business executives at the highest level.

One of the best things about software development is that you are filling a business need. To sit across major players at top companies and work with them to develop software that will make their business better is an amazing experience. Further, technology is exciting to work in because there is always something new to learn and some new development perspective to take.

I encourage developers to take a field trip to visit users that are performing their daily tasks utilizing the software that the developer wrote. There is no better feeling than watching people doing their jobs or playing a game using something that you made. Further, if you work for a national software manufacturer, there are people all across the nation in many companies and offices or homes using something that you produced. It’s like a song that people listen to everyday and enjoy. As a software developer, you can create a program that is utilized daily and enjoyed.

Software developers create tools that make the world more efficient. Companies rely on software to cut costs and increase revenue and profitability. The career path for software developers is wide in range and offers a host of benefits, including some of the highest salaries. The field of IT is broad and there is a need for IT Managers, Designers, Team Leads, Programmers, Testers, and more.

Although I am a woman in IT, before analyzing some of the statistics, I never realized that there was such a lack of diversity in the industry. Even in my own company, we have a 4 to 1 ratio of men to women in the development role. That statistic is even worse when assessing incoming job applications.

There are solid reasons for women to consider roles in development. First, unemployment statistics are favorable for jobs in IT. Also, tech companies are generally profitable which means some extra job security. The work is very interesting, challenging and always changing. You can get creative. Job growth is steadily increasing. Highly competitive salaries are standard issue. There is no variance in pay between men and women in IT (for comparable experience, education, and skills). This was confirmed by a salary survey performed by Dice.comĀ®.

Why aren’t there more women in tech? Good question. Working in IT can be life changing, and the first step for a woman conquering a development role is making the need for women developers known. Let’s get that pipeline flowing. College students should explore the field, talk to tech companies, and find out more about how coding is cool. The future of IT depends on it.

How To Travel As a Broke College Student

Step 1: Take Advantage of all Opportunities and Resources.

As simple as it sounds, you may not realize all the opportunity there is surrounding you whether it is at school or with friends and family. At first it might start off with family vacations when you’re younger and then sooner or later, mom and dad might start asking you where YOU would like to go. Take advantage! Family trips are always going to be the cheapest when mom and dad got you covered! Have friends or family living in a different state or country? Take a visit! Not only will you have a place to stay, but you basically have your own personal tour guides that can help you get acquainted with the area. But beyond using family and friends, there are resources you have at school too! Going through the school, having a solid group and getting all of that scheduled in advance, I was able to save a ton of money. And now that I’m in college, there are TONS of destinations you can go to study abroad and actually live there!

Step 2: Consider All Options.

As much as I want to travel, I know being in college I can’t exactly go everywhere any time I please. Create an order or list of all the top destinations you absolutely need to travel to. For me personally, I’d rather not go to the same place twice when I can go to a new place and have a fresh, new experience. Years ago I put Spain at the top of my bucket list. Now, after patiently waiting and not participating in the average spring breaks, not only am I able to live there for a few weeks, I will be able to visit at least three more different destinations while being abroad, knocking one by one off the bucket list.

Step 3: PLAN→ SAVE

Set aside a jar or box and make that your travel money bank. Whether you set aside $5 every few days or week or even opt out on going out to eat or drinking with friends and instead, put that money in the box, you’ll see how much can quickly add up. For birthdays or holidays, instead of asking for materialistic things you might not need, ask for donations towards your travels. It helps when you tell your family exactly where you want to go, what you want to do there and how happy it will make you. The faster you start saving, the easier it will be when the time comes to purchase your ticket. Aside from saving, start getting your plans together. The more you do your research, the more money you can save yourself and the more you can prepare your budget. I found that if you try and plan each of your days out, it saves you money from too much day shopping, food spending or even wasting money on rip off activities that were a waste of time.

7 Wealth Secrets

Money is power; it can be a vital source of happiness and a paramount entity for some people. The gurus can give you hundreds of secrets to becoming wealthy. But, the catch to the “get rich soon” equation is simply a law of attraction. On the contrary, some people ruin their lives by becoming hungry for money that results in destroying and harming themselves and others.

Although, a healthy monetary asset is essential to survive in the world, which also demands a comprehensive understanding of how the money game operates. We leave you with 7 wealth secrets that will enhance your income:


Firstly, to understand the game, it is vital that you acknowledge the universal truth, which is to acquire heaps of money. Once the mindset changes, you can strive to make your first million. Setting smaller and achievable goals can help you get focused.

Don’t be Negative about it:

Secondly, try not to utter phrases like “I am poor”. Picturing yourself to be rich can attract a lot of resources. It is vital to have an empowering mindset, which says; through my mental capacity and hard work I can achieve any task. The first person to convince in this situation would be you.

Taking your own wealth as a responsibility:

For instance, by creating wealth and jobs for others, you would create some for yourself. Not only that, you are also responsible for your family, stakeholders, and employers. A positive contribution to the society is only possible when you simultaneously have more than one income stream.

Find a mentor:

Stick to like-minded friends and family members who are equally passionate about wealth. Searching for an industry mentor is probably the best thing you could do. By far some of the best teachers of life lessons are these mentors. Making excellent friends allows you to create an aura of success around you.

Make an outstanding use of all the resources that you have:

Time is a virtually the best resource, it is an incalculable asset. Time is everywhere, you have a lot of it, but how do you spend it?

Financial resources are secondary when we talk about time, therefore we must not waste it. You can make principles for smart time management. If you work well in the morning, then allocate it to time-consuming tasks.

Make a habit of saving:

Rest assured, the money that you earn will not last, so it is better to start investing in stocks, property, and gold. Hiring a team of financial advisors can be an option later on.

Make money flow through various sources:

Further, having more than one source of income would be a preeminent task. Once you have started to pay you bills and taxes, then you can focus on reinvesting the money into investment schemes. Opportunities would start to flow in your direction, with plenty of options as a back up.

By applying the rules mentioned above, you can achieve a sound financial independence. The law of attraction only works if you do. It clearly states that you can bring positivity in your life by focusing on positive thoughts. Likewise, remember, “What you seek is seeking you”.

5 Top Tips To Pick The Best Forex Trading Signals

Forex trading signal providers send alerts to traders with specific entry and exit specifications for potential trade opportunities. They send alerts when the market conditions are right for a trader to be entered into.

For technical analyst signal providers, trading styles may vary from short-term 5 minute charts to longer term 4 hour or daily charts. Other signal providers may be strictly news based fundamental analysts or a combination of both fundamental and technical.

Trading signals can be very useful for traders when it comes to identifying potential profiting opportunities in the markets which they otherwise may have missed.

Here are 5 top tips to pick the best Forex trading signals.

Tip one: Select one that gives you signals in time

Many currency trading signals can be very effective and can help you to make consistent profits from the markets. Nevertheless, you have to make certain that they can deliver their trading signals punctually since timing is crucial for currency trading. Always remember that their timing will be highly impacted by the way they deliver the signal to you – for example, emails may take longer to reach you than pop alerts.

Tip two: Providers who offer several ways to get your signals

Another important thing to consider is the method by which your Forex trading signals provider will deliver the trading signals to you. If you cannot commit to spending all day at your computer, you may prefer to get your alerts via your mobile phone rather than via email. Similarly, if you are on your computer for most of the day, you may be better off receiving you alerts as a pop up notification or email. Be sure that the provider that you pick fits your trading needs and lifestyle.

Tip three: Check the performance of the provider

Make sure they post their current and past performance online with complete trade details from entry price to exit. Also, use them for a minimum of one to two months with a free demo trading account to test the validity and success rate of the signals your receive. If everything looks good and their trade reporting matches yours and you are profitable, then at that time make the switch to a live account.

Tip four: Find out about who the signal providers are

This one is a must. You’ll need to be able to learn about the traders and the company behind the Forex trading signals you decide to use. Why? Because as far as you know the person behind a site could be a 16-year-old geek living in his mom’s basement (nothing wrong with living in your mom’s basement, but this may not be the kind of person you want to trust with you money and trading career.)

Tip five: Sign up for just a month first

Choosing the best currency trading signal software requires a good amount of research, comprehension of your trading needs, and quite often it just requires you to look around and sign up for a 1 month subscription to a Forex trading signals provider.

This way, you can test the signals you receive, work out what type of delivery method works best for you and see if you wish to continue using the alerts for future trades.

While Forex trading signals can help you find good entry and exit points for your trades, they are never 100% accurate. This is why it is important that you try a few providers out first to see which ones work out best for you and your trading style – using the tips above should help you to do this.

Coastal Vacations – Is it a Scam?

You often get confused about coastal vacations as a fraud because, many things are said regarding its business opportunities and travel packages. Firstly, coastal vacations is an organization of businesspersons who buy the travel package and market the same travel package at a reasonable or wholesale price.

Below answered questions will help you to understand the reality of coastal vacations. We hope that this help you make an educated decision if this home based business is right for you.

Is Coastal Vacation A Fraud And Going To Shut Down In Future?

You need to know that the coastal organization works only with licensed companies. It bonds with companies participating since last 10 to 20 years and which manage thousands of customers yearly.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, Wyndham, Alamo Car Rental, Acess and Celebrity are the ethical travel industries that offer coastal vacations.

How Can The Cost Value Of Vacation Package Be Just Only $1,295?

For this, you have to understand working principles of the vacation and travel companies. They are based on the charge of resort or cruise stay or the dependency of the airline tickets on probable and vacancy rates.

Very occasionally, a resort achieves full accommodation. The empty resort rooms add up to their expense. Hence, resorts reduce the rates of rooms and offer special packages, in order to draw more tourists to their resorts.

Moreover, people are more inclined to shell off money on bars, restaurants, casinos, shops, and souvenir. This is another fact that Coastal vacation organizations buy resorts in huge quantities.

Why Coastal vacations are not public traded company?

A coastal vacation is associated with Board of Director. Most of the coastal vacations have lawsuit. Hence, to stay with the lawsuit limits, it is not publicly traded. Moreover, you are also not aware about the lawsuits against some of the big MLM and home based business companies. Generally, lawsuits offer protection to coastal organizations from unsatisfied clients.

There are unsatisfied customers no matter which company that you may look into. Since, Coastal Vacations is an organization and every entrepreneur is owner of its business, it cannot be shut down. A coastal vacation gives you the opportunity to get travel package at reasonable wholesale price.

In conclusion, I did not join Coastal Vacations. While you can find very nice discounts on travel, the compensation plan needs to be improved. As with any 2-up program, a lot of people end up with no sponsor to be found and looking for someone to help them succeed. The truth is your sponsor has very little desire for you succeed since you are now his competition. I would really avoid any business that is an 2-up program.