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The 40 Percent Rule

What is the 40 percent rule? Well for starters it is a game changer when it come to building wealth. I have read over 100 books on investing and personal finance. I do not recall coming across the 40 percent rule. I discovered the rule by reading The Millionaire Playbook, by Grant Cardone. I got … Read More

How to Choose Your Tour Operator

India is as unique as the one of Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal.It is a land which has its own charm with its own culture, history and tradition. When you are on the tour of India, you will see its overwhelming monuments, heritage temples & interesting history. Tours to any destination get successful … Read More

A Brief Introduction To Blockchain – For Normal People

Crypto-what? If you’ve attempted to dive into this mysterious thing called blockchain, you’d be forgiven for recoiling in horror at the sheer opaqueness of the technical jargon that is often used to frame it. So before we get into what a crytpocurrency is and how blockchain technology might change the world, let’s discuss what blockchain … Read More

What Does Liability Mean on Your Car Insurance?

Liability insurance is very important and most state auto insurance laws require that an individual maintain at least liability insurance on their automobile. What it does is protect you against costs that are associated with the damage and injury of another in an automobile accident in which you may be deemed at fault. There are … Read More

How To Reset Your Financial Thermostat

Where is your financial thermostat set? Is it set way up high for wealth and abundance or way down low for “Not Enough?” Is it set for striving or thriving? The answer is easy. Just look at your life. Your thoughts and beliefs about money are reflected in precise detail in your environment. What is … Read More

How to Cultivate The Habit of Saving Money

First Steps to Becoming Wealthy Any time you make up your mind to become wealthy, the most important thing you should put at the back of your mind is that you will have to save some extra money. This extra money will enable you start a good investment program. First of all, take the time … Read More

Start A Cashflow Club

The cashflow board games, Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202, and Cashflow For Kids, were designed by Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series. Robert is a fourth-generation Japanese-American who grew up in Hawaii in the 1950s. His father, the poor dad of the title, was head of the Education Department of … Read More

Ultimate Travel-Packing Checklist

Let’s check in detail about this: 1. Know the Place: This is the first step you need to follow. Knowing the place better will helps in packing the right stuff. So, it’s better to do some research on the place you are going and the climate over there before reaching. 2. Travel Documents: Start by … Read More

How to Have The Best Texas Vacation Ever

Texas vacations are a thing of beauty and wonder. They harken to a time and place when the territories we traveled through we rugged, and the vistas were nothing less than sprawling & majestic. Hyperbole aside, spending your vacation in the Lone Star State is quite the experience, but as vacations become more prized because … Read More

Protect Your Eye-Wear With Glasses Insurance

Insurance is available for many reasons. Some require cover to protect their home while others need insurance to tend to their medical needs. One perhaps less known variety of policy is that of glasses insurance. This type of cover will protect not only the frames but the lenses as well. Here are some great reasons … Read More

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