The Art Of Getting Rich- Attract Enormous Wealth

Money is what drives us to work. It is the most powerful tool which runs the world and without which no human being can survive. When it comes to money it’s all about the numbers. The more the numbers the richer you would be. Most portion of the population on this planet belongs to the middle income group and the least part to the high income group or the rich group. Getting rich is an art no so easy but neither is it impossible to master. Wealth building process can be a piece of cake if you get on the right road under proper guidance. Therefore who to look for or learn from when it comes to money making? Read on to learn how you can be rich too.

Understand the value of money – The very first step to becoming rich is to understand the real value of money and what it stands for. Money is the medium for exchange of goods and services. The more you have it the more resources you can purchase and enjoy. Therefore you need to learn to love money to attract more of it. It does not mean that you have to act greedy but understanding the value of money.

Let it come to you – You should make a plan by which money would come to you instead of you having to go after money. Don’t chase money rather let it chase you. Now what do I mean when I let money chase you? Well simply get on a plan whereby money comes to you automatically that is on auto pilot. It implies that you do not need recurring action or work to produce wealth rather make a system by which it comes to you automatically on a recurring basis. Get into the kind of work whereby not much action is required such as the stock market or the forex business or any other such opportunity which offers recurring income at minimal efforts.

Learn from rich people – This is the best and the easiest way to get rich quick. This process is fairly simple. Pick a person who is already successful in terms of money and follow the steps followed by him. Yes it is as simple as that just do the same things he did. This has been known to work 99.9% of the times as the tricks have already been tested and applied by the person in concern and would most definitely work.

Wealth is a mindset – Remember that getting rich is a mindset and you have to believe it to achieve it. Right attitude is very important when it comes to making money and getting rich. You will encounter many setbacks and bumps on the road. But if you have the right mindset and attitude success is not far away.

Five Strategies to Increase Your Income

  1. Find a coach or mentor and expand your network. One of the quickest ways to increase your income is to change the people with whom you spend the majority of your time. It is often said that if you take the median income of the people with whom you spend the majority of your time, that number will serve as an accurate predictor of your income. Forming mentoring relationships and networking with individuals who have achieved a higher level of financial success will expand your knowledge and expose you to new investment ideas and unprecedented opportunities to build wealth.

  2. Get paid what you are worth. If you are an employee, that means going after higher-paying jobs in your industry. If you are a business owner, that means going after larger clients and deals. It is important to make sure your time is directly aligned to where the lion’s share of your income either is or is going to be, and to make sure that you are doing the most important activities every day that will change the condition of your life or business financially.

  3. Reduce your expenses. Cutting your expenses is an easy but significant way to boost your net income. You can increase your income by thousands of dollars by consolidating your long-term debt and reducing your interest rates; doing comparison shopping and buying products in bulk; purchasing consolidated services; and doing a better job of budgeting and planning to reduce late fees, bounced check fees and penalty fees.

  4. Buy assets that produce income. By keeping your expenses low and investing in income-producing assets such as rental real estate, tax liens, dividend-paying stocks, options on stocks and corporate bonds, you can generate a stream of passive income that over time will replace your earned income from a job, allowing you to retire years or even decades earlier.

  5. Start a business to increase your income and tax deductions. A small or home-based business can be very profitable and can also save you thousands of dollars through tax deductions every year. You can work with your accountant to take advantage these deductions now by adjusting your withholdings to immediately boost your take-home pay.

Remember, it only takes a little bit of intelligent thought and action to make a big difference in your bottom line.

Handling an Itchy Penis on Vacation

Summertime is the season when people like to pick up and take off for a while, whether on a vacation to a different continent or just to a nearby county. A vacation is an excellent way to relax and forget about the woes and worries that beset a guy at work and at home. But some woes – like an itchy penis – don’t necessarily stay at home. Practicing proper penis care can help address the itchy penis issue while enjoying a vacation

Identify the cause

The first step is to see if there is a cause for that itchy penis before leaving on vacation. Is it jock itch? Eczema? A reaction to the chemicals in the laundry detergent? If a man is able to identify what is causing his itch, he can take some definite steps to relieve it – and perhaps make it go away before he even embarks on his vacation.

Bring what is needed

But sometimes a cause isn’t easily identifiable – or a man may simply have sensitive skin that is prone to itching. In such cases, it helps if a man brings supplies to help prevent an itchy penis while traveling.

Generally, a man travels with certain essentials: toothbrush, deodorant, etc. To help avoid an itchy penis, he may want to consider the following as well:

– Soap, shampoo and lotion. Yes, it’s true that one of the nice things about going to a hotel is knowing that they supply these essentials. But a man with sensitive penis skin may regret using hotel supplies. They may contain chemicals (especially fragrances) that may not be “in sync” with his penis skin needs. Even if a man uses shampoo and conditioner only on the hair on his head, it often drips down to other body parts, and contact with the penis can spark discomfort. The same goes for body or hand lotions; applying unfamiliar products to the penis can be risky.

– Shaving materials, too. By the same token, it pays to bring along his own shaving cream or gel, razor and aftershave – and that’s especially true if manscaping the penis is involved. Using a new, never-touched razor is perfectly fine, but never use another person’s razor when manscaping.

– Protection. One of the pleasures of a vacation for a guy traveling alone is the opportunity to make new friends. Of course, if a guy ends up in bed with one (or more) of those friends, he needs to pack plenty of protection. Assuming he is not allergic to latex condoms, it’s okay to buy condoms while on vacation – but beware of any with “add-ons” (such as fragrance or spermicides) which may irritate the penis skin. And be sure to purchase a condom that fits properly; those that are too tight or too loose can cause skin irritation during vigorous activity, leading to irritation and itchiness.

– Plenty of underwear. Some guys skimp on the underwear, assuming they can do laundry on vacation. The problem is that they often end up using bar soap or whatever detergent a vending machine has – and that may mean inviting harsh chemicals in. Some guys also opt to go commando, which has its perks, but sensitive penis skin may get irritated and that often leads to prolonged itchiness.

Perhaps most importantly, help keep an itchy penis at bay on vacation by bringing and regularly using a high level penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Search out a crème that is heavy on the hydrating capability, preferably one with both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E); skin that is well moisturized is less likely to itch. For even better results, find a crème that also contains vitamin C, which is noted for its role in giving penis skin tone and elasticity.

Fun Facts About Harare Culture

Likewise every country and city of the world, the art, culture and entertainment of Harare greatly show off the traces of colonial rule. Apart from this, it also transforms an overview of the city’s art and culture. Shopping, restaurants and nightlife make up the different modes of entertainment in the city. Harare art centers are called the stony sculptures also known as Zimbabwe sculptures. The meanings of the word ‘Zimbabwe’ stands for great stone house. In accordance with the change in times Harare art has also inherited the modern techniques. Besides sculptures, there are also different unique characteristics in textiles, pottery, carvings, basketry and jewelry also make up the art of Harare. This unique form of art and culture of Harare differentiates this city in particular and people from different parts of the world travel to this city by booking their cheap flights to Harare.

Beside that Harare possesses a variety of different interesting culture e.g.

  • Woodcarvings
  • Brass and leather art works
  • Sculpture work
  • Paintings
  • Pottery
  • Ceremonial and religious headgear and dress

This all seems to be so unique and interesting for people belong to the rest of the world and this inspires the tourists to travel these interesting places and explore as much as they can, so all over the world people make their reservations for cheap flights to Harare and enjoy their trip.

Quite similarly Harare has some Folklore and traditional religion which co-relates her with rest of the African countries. For example it is considered that according to a Pygmy myth, Chameleon when hears a strange noise in a tree, open its trunk and a flow of water came out in the shape of a great flood that scatters all over the land and sometime causes some sort of destruction as well. People come across through these areas to visit these people and their traditions and search for their cheap flights to Harare. Beliefs like, First man on earth in fact a couple was emerged out of water, a charitable man gives each and everything which he possesses and in return God blesses him with riches, and let off his anxiety are all beliefs and old customs which are somehow a part of their culture.

Why the Rich Get Richer – The Secret of Compound Interest

If you have ever wondered why the rich always get richer the reasons may surprise you. It often comes down to two things.

  1. They spend less than they earn
  2. They earn interest on top of interest (compound interest)

The first reason is quite obvious. If they spend less than they earn then they will always have more money. Hence, they will always get richer. The second reason more or less turbo charges the first reason. Say for instance you have $10,000 in an investment account. If that account has an interest rate of 10% then after one year you will have $11,000. If you don’t spend any of that money, after two years you would expect to have $12,000 after the interest is applied. However, you will actually end up with $12,100. This is because you have earned interest on top of interest. I.e. the 10% interest was actually applied to the $11,000. This is an example of Compound Interest. Now I bet you are thinking ‘so what. I only earned $100 more than I expected’. And that is correct, but what you need to consider is the long term effects of that extra money being compounded. The figures below show what would happen to that $10,000 if it was invested for different lengths of time at a 10% interest rate.

  • 10 years = $25,937
  • 25 years = $108,347
  • 50 years = $1,173,909
  • 100 years = $137,806,123

As you can see the amounts of money increase by a staggering amount over time. However, realistically, you are unlikely to invest your money for 50 or 100 years unless you are particularly keen on your descendants. If however you were spending less than you earn and you also invested say $500 per month on top of that original one off $10,000 investment, your money would grow as follows.

  • 10 years = $126,742
  • 25 years = $730,393
  • 50 years = $8,535,637
  • 100 years = $1,009,366,604

You are reading that correctly. After 50 years you would have over 8 million dollars, and after 100 years you would have over one billion dollars! This is not a trick. The maths is accurate. What is even more amazing is the huge effects a few small changes can have can have on the outcome e.g. If you use a 12% interest rate as opposed to a 10% interest rate in the example above, your money would grow as follows:

  • After 10 years = $143,195 – this is 13% more than before ($126,742)
  • After 25 years = $1,022,004 – this is 40% more than before ($730,393)
  • After 50 years = $18,226,138 – this is 114% more than before ($8,535,637)
  • After 100 years = $5,282,730,057 – this is 423% more than before ($1,009,366,604)

I bet you’re now thinking, ‘I wish I was rich, so that I can take advantage of it’. The good news is you don’t have to be rich to benefit from compound interest. You could potentially gain from it by investing any amount you feel comfortable with. Try this out for yourself on a Compound Interest Calculator.

Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money Doing Yard Work

Sometimes you need cash right away- emergencies come up, you are late on your rent, or maybe there is just a cool, new item that you want to buy right now. Doing yard work for friends, family, and neighbors can be a quick way to make a few bucks. You might not get rich doing yard work, but you are sure to make fast and easy money.

Everyone wants a nice looking lawn, and no matter the season, there is always yard work to be done. In the summer, you can mow grass. In the fall, you can rake leaves. And in winter, of course, you can shovel snow. There are trees, flowers, and bushes that can be planted in any season, and oftentimes people simply need their lawn cleaned up- trimming existing shrubbery or removing trash or debris from lawns can be a money maker too. All you need are a few bucks to advertise. Fliers throughout your neighborhood, and going door to door asking if people need yard care is a great way to start.

If you have your own lawn care tools, that is great. If you don’t, you could say in your advertisements that you can only work for people who have their own tools to start. Then, you could offer a low price to do their lawns. If you are fast, reliable, and friendly, your customers will be sure to tell their friends about the great job you did and you can even new customers in addition to repeat business. If you are a very good salesperson and worker, you could even parlay your search for fast and easy money doing yard work into a full-fledged lawn care business.

How to Become a Millionaire in 90 Days – Is it Even Possible?

Do you think that it could be possible to become a millionaire in 90 days? The answer is a bit misleading because most of those that could become a millionaire in 90 days are already millionaires.

There is a secret to becoming a millionaire that you might not already know. Other than being born into riches or winning the lotto you can create a great product or service that has exceptional value to the consumer world. This is a surefire way to become a millionaire because some larger company is going to purchase your idea or product for millions of dollars either to use it for profit or to keep you from competing with them.

The key is you have to figure out what your specific skills and strengths are. Some of us are gifted in the way of words. We either can speak well or write well, and maybe even both. There is a lot of money to be made by those that can convey ideas on paper and through speaking. You have to find your skills and use them to make money. The bottom line is that your skills have to help solve the problems of people and you will have your million dollar ideas.

The key to making money and to many other parts of our lives it to provide value. If you provide a product or service that has significant value to the consumer, then you are going to be successful. Just like if you provide exceptional value in your relationships they will grow and will be better for you and the other person. When you provide value at the workplace you get the same thing. More opportunities and a sense of job security.

The last secret to becoming a millionaire in 90 days is to see yourself as a millionaire. Imagine what it would feel like if you were already a millionaire. Imagine what you would be doing and how you would be using the money. This is the key to success. You must be able to visualize what you want in order to get it.

Fees Vs Commissions – What’s the Difference?

‘Do the Math’ Philosophy

Fee-based and fee-only financial advisors have been rising in popularity over transaction based commission accounts. Advisory fee-based accounts provide the wealth management industry with diversity in the way investors pay for financial advice – and we all know that investors love to diversify. There are some key differences between fee-based advisors, fee-only advisors and ‘classic’ stock brokers. I think it’s important for investors to be familiar with these differences before selecting investments and determining if recommendations are in their best interest.

A fee-based advisor works much like an attorney who charges an hourly rate or retainer for legal advice. They provide professional opinions regarding financial planning, portfolio management, and asset allocation; and are compensated according to a predetermined pricing method (i.e. a fee). These fees can take on a few distinct forms — commonly a small percentage (maybe 1%) of ‘Assets Under Management’ (AUM). When the account grows in value, the advisor makes more money, and vice-versa. Many investors view recommendations provided by fee-based advisors as being less biased and more reliable than what they would otherwise receive from brokers or dealers.

Brokers are paid commissions by selling products from multiple companies — typically products that their own firm doesn’t already own. Commissions can be spread out, paid up-front, or charged in combination. In some instances, fees can be charged on the back-end through a surrender charge. Brokers facilitate transactions by bringing buyers and sellers together. Commissions are a percentage of the total transaction and are often referred to as ‘transaction costs’. Recommending certain financial products over others may provide brokers with special benefits such as higher commissions, corporate incentives, and paid vacations which can sometimes create the possibility of a perceived reduction in fiduciary responsibility. (Under the new DOL rule BICE (Best Interest Contract Exemption), products sold through broker-dealer channels in qualified retirement accounts, like Traditional IRAs, must adhere to similar fiduciary levels and standards expected of fee-based advisors.)

Dealers (aka Principals) charge a ‘mark-up’. They have an inventory of financial products that they previously purchased using their own capital. The ‘mark-up’ is the amount paid to the firm in excess of the current ‘market value’. This amount must be disclosed by the dealer. Don’t confuse ‘market-value’ with the original cost of the security to the dealer (The firm took a risk by investing in securities held in inventory and thus gets to reap the financial gains of any appreciation in value). Dealers that operate in a securities exchange are known as ‘Market Makers’. The main question to ask is — ‘can I take advise from someone selling me something they already own?’. We tend to consider these types of arrangements full of risks that can lead to self-dealing and inherent conflicts of interests.

So how do you decide which payment method is ideal?

Step 1. Determine what type of options are available when purchasing the investment. Some investments can be purchased in fee only accounts, some in brokerage, and some can be purchased in both. So, if you wanted to buy something, and for argument sake, it was only offered in a transaction account, the fee-only advisor wouldn’t be able to execute the transaction. This is why we feel that in order to strive for best execution, firms need to do it all.

Step 2. Determine the associated fees of a commission based account. Is it one-time or spread out over numerous years? Do I pay a fee if I want to get out? If I buy more of the investment can I get a reduced commission (i.e. Breakpoints)? Sometimes if you commit to purchasing more over time you can get the discounts in advance.

Step 3. Determine the associated fees of owning investments in a managed account. Do I pay a fee to the advisor if we decide to buy or sell the investment? If I want to get out of a position, how much do I pay and who would earn the fee? Is the investment liquid and can I sell it? Should I be buying something in a managed account that I can sell? Liquidity matters.

Now for the fun part — ‘Do The Math’. We perform a very simple ‘break even calculation’ to determine (based upon on how long you plan on holding the investment) whether fees or commissions are more cost efficient.

Step 4. Perform the ‘break even calculation’… math goes here.

Step 5. Determine the confidence of conclusions based upon general bias. For instance, a ‘buy-and-hold’ investor may prefer commissions over fees due to their high level of market resiliency and bias to low trading activity. Conversely, investors who actively trade securities in their accounts may find fee-based payment methods more desirable. Read the fine print in your contract — you might be responsible for both the trade costs to buy and sell in a managed account (fees that would not be charged by the advisor, but could be paid to the custodian). It is worth noting that just because an investor has a fee-based account doesn’t mean they can’t also be charged commissions for engaging in recommended transactions, however, fee-only accounts are just that – fee-only.

Step 6. Discuss your biases with your professional. Remember — volatility and liquidity can change. Get a full picture before choosing.

‘Full service’ wealth management firms are a great way for investors to customize the way they pay their advisors. The focus is to develop client-centric models that allow us the ability to tailor recommendations to the most appropriate product, investment and strategy while minimizing ‘operating expenses’ and ‘transaction costs’ by applying the most cost efficient methods of compensation.

Fun Travel Facts About Singapore

Singapore is a place that many of us have on our bucket lists. It’s beautiful, it’s clean and it is one of those places that realized the impact that development had done on their environment and they went a long way to reclaim and restore the place to its original glory. Singapore is also one of the few places in the world which is a city, a state and a country too. What you choose to call depends on your perspective. But one thing is for sure, with sheer hard work and determination, Singapore has made a place for itself in the hearts of people all around the world. Millions of people all year around go visit this place whether the holidays are here or not. For anyone around the globe looking to have a blast, here is why you should buy Singapore Airlines tickets today.

1. The Shopping

Singapore is one of those rare places in the world where you can get your hands on some amazing stuff all year around. So it doesn’t matter if you go in the summers or in the winters, you’ll still get some pretty amazing deals so you can satisfy your inner shopaholic while being light on your pocket. Places like the Dower street market are ideal to go to if you’re interested in going on a shopping spree. However, you can also get amazing stuff from the street vendors that you’ll get to see when you roam around Singapore.

2. All that Art

Despite what you might think, Singapore is really high on the art scene and has some amazing art galleries with high-class collections from world’s famous artists as well as undiscovered gems from the locals as well. Aside from this festivals are also held to promote art among the locals as well as promote the local talents to an international circle. So if you’re interested in gazing upon some amazing pieces of art then the go to place for you is the Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

3. The quaint neighborhoods

One thing about Singapore is that you only get the true experience of the place is only received if you learn to explore it on foot. To do that, just take a tote bag with some change and start exploring the streets and the quaint and beautiful neighborhoods of Singapore. You’ll probably discover many local delights. Famous places that will win your heart with their delicacy are Chinatown, Dempsey Hill and Tiong Bahru.

4. The out of this world Architecture

Singapore is home to some of the most amazing modern-day architecture which is why it is a main attraction for people all around the world. If you don’t believe it, go visit it yourself.

Hunting for SPRINGBOK

Today we will be discussing the National animal of South Africa, the Springbok. We give you great hunting tips as well as some background of this magnificent antelope. This is one of the more challenging animals to hunt, and it will challenge every hunting skill you got! Here is what you need to know:


The Springbok gets its name from its characteristic jumping display. “Spring”, meaning jump and “bok”, meaning antelope, in Afrikaans. The Springbok also has 4 color variants, namely the Common Springbuck, Copper Springbuck, White Springbuck and the Black Springbuck. It is a medium-sized antelope that inhabit the dry areas of southern and southwestern Africa. They are herbivores and can survive without drinking water for years. It gets most of its water requirements through the vegetation that it eats. They are highly social animals and move around in large herds.


The biggest difference between a male and a female are the horns. The horns of the ram are much larger and thicker, especially towards the base. Rams are also built much bigger, making it easy for the hunter to differentiate between the two. Solitary males are usually good trophies.

A Springbok can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h (56 mph), making them one of the top 10 fastest land animals in the world.

Hunting Tips

The Springbok has exceptional eyesight and are difficult to get close to if they sense you first, making it a really challenging hunt that will test all your stalking skills, as well as your long range shots. You will most probably be forced to take a shot well over 300 yards. The best method for success is to catch the Springbok by surprise by either lying and waiting for it to pass by or by walking slowly through cover, if there is any. Due to their alert nature, one can spend several hours trying to get close enough to get a shot. They are very curious animals and often patience will draw them closer. The perfect shot placement will be behind the shoulder, one third of the way up from the chest. The best time of the year to hunt Springbok in South Africa are between April and October.

When deciding on the perfect rifle and caliber, any good long shooting caliber like the.243.270s, 30.06 s. 7 mm &.300 Magnums are good choices especially for the distance aspect of the shot.

The Rowland Ward Minimum for a Springbok is 14 inches, and the record is 20 ½ inches. The SCI Gold entry is 38 a inches.

The Springbok is one of Africa’s most spectacular animals. Its absolute beauty will leave you in awe. Very few hunters have the privilege to say that they have taken the Springbuck Grand Slam (all 4 color variations). Be sure to put this one down on your list for your next hunting Safari.