What an Astral Dimension Trip Means

Astral is our induced consciousness, it happens in our sleep without us knowing about it. Your spiritual self, an existence that doesn’t involve your physical body, wonders into another dimension; it is believed that we unconsciously choose this dimension.

A feeling that ‘you may have been here before’ is an attribute of Astral Travel. Practitioners say that these feelings aren’t telepathic. You have been to this place, but in Astral Dimension.

What Experts say about Astral Dimension

According to a research survey, between 8% and 20% people had out of body experience at some point in life. A sensation of spirit or consciousness (also known as astral body) leaving the body is astral travel. Most of these experiences happen during sleep but some people may experience them while relaxing. As per a popular theory, astral body is connected via metaphorical silver cord, which tethers consciousness to our body.

The idea that people can leave their bodies while they are dreaming is present since long. Many people believe that it is possible to communicate with higher intelligence through dreams and visions.

Astral Travel tells us that some people can fly above the planet, while others may leave their bodies and float around observing other people. Some may travel to past or future to observe events that happen in a different time.

Experts who practice it regularly say that astral dimension is safe and it holds no harm. Someone’s astral self can pass through barriers and walls, it can virtually travel anywhere thinkable. People can travel and do whatever they want, but nothing will change in reality.

What Practitioners think about it

It can be practiced by anyone and it is believed that people are born with the skill to travel to another dimension during sleep. Some people may not cultivate it because of their busy lives, but with the help of calm influences and medicine, people can learn to travel in another dimension.

Though Practitioners believe that their experiences are real, not dreams or fantasies, but evidence is still unavailable. It is just like a person who takes LSD and believe that he/she has interacted with God, angels, or dead people in dream. That is why many drug users refer their experiences as trips.

Astral Dimension is like a harmless and entertaining pastime that looks great. It may be life changing in some cases, but there isn’t any evidence that indicate out of body experience outside our body rather than in brain.

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