Why America Should Have Stayed Neutral in WWI

Many people believe that the United States should have stayed neutral during WWI, among them was the president himself, Wilson. Being neutral during the war would’ve saved the US a lot of troops, supplies and money. Paying for a war isn’t cheap; you have to pay soldiers wages, pay for their equipment, and for transportation to get to the battles. Men were lost in the battle, killed, severely wounded, or with a bad case of Shell Shock. Sending people off to battle also isn’t good for business, it takes away workers that could have worked in factories, and because of war there aren’t any new immigrants coming to the USA to take their place. These are the reasons that I believe that the USA should have stayed neutral in WWI.

Money is a big issue when used in war. The government has to pay for a lot of things that people don’t think of. Just because their soldiers don’t mean that they get free passage across the ocean. Soldiers need to get paid, they’re not going to want to fight for just their country, they want some benefit out of it. This doesn’t mean that they have no nationalism for their country, it’s just that they can’t go home empty handed. The guns that they shoot are also expensive, along with the bullets, uniforms, boots and any other equipment that the soldiers need.

Dying isn’t something that most of us want to do, but if you volunteer for war it is something that you witness daily, if you don’t do it yourself. This is a huge downside for war, to fight a war, you have to have soldiers and basically label them as “expandable.” Saying that they can run into a hail of gunfire and if they die it’s alright, but I’m guessing that the soldiers themselves aren’t going to agree with this.

Business is a major part of America, and to have a successful business, you need workers. You can’t run a business if you have no one working for you. So if the government takes some of your workers away, what are you going to do? Production is going to be slowed, which means less equipment is made, which means less money is made for the workers who work there. Immigrants are no longer coming to America in this time because of the war, ships keep getting sunk. So the companies have no one else to hire.

There is a lot more to war then just soldiers shooting each other, but most people don’t think about these things. They just thought that Germany was “bad” and they should be stopped. They didn’t think about the money the government would have to pay, the soldiers who would have to die, or how sending a huge part of the population overseas would affect their economy. This is why I believe America should have stayed neutral.

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